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Wednesday, Sep 25, 2002

This is our last day and many are getting anxious to make it home, others are wishing it would not end. We leave Big Timber early and make our first stop just past Butte.

At this place we had the ceremony for Dave's glasses, with Dave officiating. One group stayed around for a time.

Then we took the Pintlar Loop through Anaconda and then to historic Phillipsburg, where we spent a couple hours, having lunch and visiting the shops. There were candy shops, antique furniture, quilts, gemstones and many other things to attract visitors.

We took a short break later at the Silver Dollar as a quick rest stop, and many had ice cream or some snack. It was planned to arrive in Spokane at 6 p.m. but we were about a half hour late.

One last comment: We must never forget....Water runs downhill.

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