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Monday, Sep 23, 2002

After breakfast, which was continental again, the group headed out for the Badlands and Wall Drug, but I opted to break away and spend the day with my husband's cousin, Joe Allender, who resides in Rapid City with his wife Lucille.

We started out early before the group left, driving to Joe's hometown, New Underwood. He took me to the cemetery where we spent a couple of hours while I read it. Then we drove into the city hall where I asked about who had the Sexton files. After much discussion, we found the one and he will be sending them to me shortly.

Then we drove around visiting the sites in the area, which always included a cemetery. I got to visit St Onge, and found the graves of John's step grandparents, plus a few others I had met. After this we found a Danish Cemetery which we stopped and I read.

On the way back, Joe took me to various military cemeteries, one of which was where his brother James Allender is buried. One might suspect by all this that I have a slight interest in cemeteries.

We visited the three city cemeteries for Rapid City and then back to his home. Lucille joined us after a short visit and they drove me back to my motel. It was so great to get to meet these people, who I first found about 5 years ago.

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