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Sunday, Sep 22, 2002

Today is a very different day. Dave knew I wanted to see Mount Moriah Cemetery, so he asked friends of his, Loyd and Pat Nielson, to accompany us to Deadwood and there they escorted me to the cemetery. While I was in the cemetery reading the markers, others wished to also see it. The tour bus was not able to make the steep incline, or at least Dave did not wish to try it. About 4 groups came up as Loyd and Pat were able to transport them, while others visited the city of Deadwood.

When it was time, I asked Loyd and Pat to take me across the way to another cemetery I read about. They were so kind to do this and I was delighted to be able to read all of this one. It was Saint Ambrose Catholic Cemetery.

Following this Loyd, Pat and I headed toward Crazy Horse to rejoin the group. We arrived as they were finishing lunch, which was soon fixed for us and we ate as the rest shopped around. I was still able to view the mountain, which I had seen before, view the film a bit and buy another shirt. My collection of shirts is shameful, to say the least.

It was such a great time we had at Rushmore. We were able to view the mountain in a relaxed atmosphere and then we stayed for the evening performance which was very moving, and patriotic.

On our way back to our motel, we drove through the Custer State park which revealed many animals for the group to enjoy.

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