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Saturday, Sep 21, 2002

It seems each day was started by breakfast. Wonder why that is? Today we are on our own because not all meals were figured into the tour.

Following our meal we all do the usual, boarding of the bus, followed by our heading out for more exciting new scenery and other points of interest.

We passed through Shell Canyon and the Bighorn Mountains. We were driving most of this day, through rain and snow, coming down out of the mountains to wonderful weather in Rapid City. Each day we needed a wrap in the early morning, but usually by noon we were in shirtsleeve type weather again. We are now seeing more of the evergreen trees again.

We had lunch in a park in Dayton, which was provided. After lunch we enjoyed more scenery as we traveled through Sheridan, Gillette and Spearfish. We then checked into our motel which we would stay in for the next three nights. Dinner this evening was at the Golden Corral, a Buffet for the group.

I broke away from the group and my husband John's cousin, Joe Allender came to the motel and picked me up, for dinner with he and Lucille. I visited them and was back before the rest of the group to my motel.

When I had a chance, I typed on my puter, working on two of the cemeteries I had read. Neither is finished as yet, although the ability to work on them was helpful.

We did have one sad time on this day. Dave lost his glasses, I think someone sat or stepped on them, so all the tape that could be found came to the rescue, but nothing was really going to work well. He had to brave it and purchase a new pair. Now we were faced with "What to do with the old ones?"

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