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Wednesday, Sep 18, 2002

After a good night's rest we awoke to breakfast as we felt like it as long as we were ready for the departure time. Today we were taking a tour arount the northern half of Yellowstone Park. We had a step-on-guide, Mike, who was very informative, plus had a great sense of humor. You might say, a great teller of tall tales.

One geyser that we visited was a great surprise, spouting larger than Old Faithful, although I do not remember the name of it. Our guide Mike, said it was very unpredictable and we just happened to be watching it when it went. It caused quite a stir when it started, even to our guide.

The area is so filled with various types of activity, I would not try to name anything we saw. Many geysers, hot springs and fumaroles, passing by the Madison and Norris Junctions, also traveling through the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, with our guide making stops and explaining all the way. There were many falls, which were Mike's specialty. We had a lunch stop at Canyon Village, where many visited the gift shops and others had a special interest in the ice cream, plus the elk lazed in the lawn.

Next was a visit to Mammoth Hot Springs, followed by a loop back to Norris Junction as be passed Sheepeater Cliff, Obsidian Cliff and Roaring Mountain. Last we again passed by Madison Jct on our way to our motel and another try for Old faithful, which was directly in front of our hotel, although one needed to walk a distance to view it well, because of the buildings between ours and the geyser.

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