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Farr Cemetery
Whitman County, Washington

Skyline Rd
Pullman WA

Lat: 46° 43' 36"N, Lon: 117° 11' 28"W
T14N R45E Sec 6

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Sep 15, 2000, last updated Feb 18, 2003 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 39.

Take Waiwai Rd west off Hwy 195, on the north side of Pullman, and follow it to Skyline Road, turn left or south and the cemetery will be on the east side of the street.

Farr Cemetery is just west of Sunnyside Park and not too far from the IOOF Cemetery which is on the other side of the park.

The entrance to the cemetery is a path straight up from the street, and quite a hike to the top of Sunnyside Hill, off of Skyline Road. I would have missed it if I had not asked someone in the area. The sign is placed down by the road, so if one keeps their eyes peeled, they will see it on the east side of the road.

The cemetery is named after one of the founders of Pullman Balin Farr. There are no Farrs buried here, so I am not sure it was his land. Some say it was donated by Dr H. J. Webb. I wonder about the size, it seems so small. It appears that the cemetery land covers a larger area than where the fence is installed.

Rumor has it that at one point vandalism and destruction of the stones was very bad, so the council at that time decided to take the headstones to city hall, storing them in the basement. Only to be forgotten about for years. Several years later a new council discovered the headstones, and wondered why they were there. After research on it, a fence was built to contain the existing stones, then the stones were placed back in the cemetery inside an enclosure, none being places over the original gravesites, because no one knew where they went.

There has been much controversy over this cemetery. When I first heard of it, I was told this was the cemetery where they buried horses. I found no stone for this and I have no proof they did, but if you go to Pullman, someone will tell you it is true. It is said because of this and other prejudice of who was buried here, the people ceased to use it for a burial place.

I surveyed this cemetery, Sept 07, 2001. After transcribing my findings, I compared it with a previous work pub. in 1973 by EWGS, Vol III on Whitman County Cemeteries. If the entry came from there, it is followed by an asterisk *. I do have digital photos of the headstones which remain and will share.

- Maggie Rail


Baird, Frank M, b. Nov 18, 1892, d. Jun 04, 1892, s/o W.E. & Kitty *
Berholtzer, Jacob Dr, no dates, a physician *
Brewrink, William J, b. 1836, d. May 09, 1884, 48yr
Bryant, May, b. May 11, 1888, d. Feb 21, 1889, d/o T.J. & K. *
Bush, Fred C, b. Apr 08, 1866, d. Sep 18, 1891
Evans, George S, b. Nov 22, 1829, d. Apr 18, 1892, h/o Ruth, Mo Cav Co F *
Farnsworth, Sara Jane Boone, b. 1848 Indiana, d. no date *
Gustin, Alma, b. Jul 04, 1848 Salt Lake City, d. Dec 25, 1891
Haugh, Caroline, b. Mar 11, 1855, d. Jul 01, 1887, w/o Chas H.
Henry, Frankie, stone broke, triplet s/o W.D. & M.V. Henry
Henry, Freddie, stone broke, triplet s/o W.D. & M.V. Henry
Henry, Hazel E, b. Jul 26, 1896, d. May 03, 1901, d/o W.D. & M.V. Henry
Henry, Herbie, stone broke, triplet s/o W.D. & M.V. Henry
Hunt, Masl, b. 1869, d. 1885, w/o Thomas *
Huza, Josie E, b. Jun 13, 1891, d. Dec 31, 1892, d/o M. & Mary
Inez, Shirley, b. Oct 07, 1896, d. Dec 16, 1896, d/o Ira & Edith *
Judson, Jennie, d. Jul 09, 1891, 19y 2m 23d, d/o Rachel & W.R. *
Lanning, Roy, no dates
Layman, John, b. Feb 06, 1863, d. Oct 10, 1882, later moved to city cemetery
Lebaugh, John Roland, b. Oct 27, 1889, d. Mar 07, 1891, s/o John & Sara
Martin, Lena, b. Nov 13, 1890, d. May 27, 1892, d/o M&M G.Q. Martin
Milam, George B, b. Sep 18, 1847, d. Sep 20, 1904, s/w Oscar his son, Father
Milam, Oscar B, b. Nov 22, 1875, d. Jan 11, 1891, Son, s/w Geo B
Newton, Isaac G, b. Jul 29, 1865, Hull Yorkshire Eng, d. Feb 22, 1892
Rauch, Annie, b. Mar 11, 1855, d. Jul 01, 1887, w/o Charles
Rauch, Charles, b. 1844, d. Feb 11, 1916, h/o Annie
Reed, David H, b. Sep 06, 1857, d. Jan 14, 1889
Shirley, Inez, b. Oct 07, 1896, d. Dec 16, 1896, d/o Ira & Edith, *
Small, Meredith Moys, b. Jul 28, 1896, d. Dec 25, 1896, s/o Stewart Small, *
Spawr, Mary G, b. Apr 26, 1863, d. Oct 30, 1892, w/o Marion Spawr
Stimson, Betsy M, b. Oct 06, 1832, d. May 21, 1898, w/o L.A. *
Webb, Dr H. J., b. Feb 20, 1848, d. Mar 04, 1894
Webb, Edward E, b. Oct 18, 1878, d. Oct 14, 1894, s/o H.J. & J.A.
Webb, Frank E, b. 1856, d. 1901, b/o HJ
Webb, Joanne A., no dates, died of typhoid *
Webb, Maudie, c. 1890, d/o J/J Webb *
Webb, Roy R, b. 1882, d. 1903, s/o HJ
Webb, Will, b. 1880, d. 1903, s/o H.J., h/o Lina Heywood Webb *
Wilcox, Charles Bennett, b. 1856, PA, d. Jul 30, 1887

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