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Ewartsville Cemetery (Lone Pine Cemetery) (Yeo Cemetery)
Ewartsville, Whitman County, Washington

Lat: 46° 37' 28"N, Lon: 117° 08' 10"W
T13N R45E Sec 10

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Jul 04, 2006, last edited Mar 30, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 20.

To reach cemetery from Pullman WA take the Waiwai-Pullman Rd west about 3 miles, turn right onto Klemgard Road, and then right onto the Ewartsville Road, which is gravel. Continue, past the Grange Hall for about 2 miles. The cemetery will be on your right just before the grain elevators, up the steep hill.

Land for this cemetery was donated by a Mr R. Yeo in the early 1880s, and the cemetery was often referred to as the Yeo Cemetery back then. It first came into use when a traveling pioneer couple lost their infant child and needed a place to bury him. That first burial was Klyde Regan who died Dec 29, 1881. **

A gentleman who lives near the cemetery told me that the last burial was in 1975 and the day of the funeral, the road was impassible to the cemetery, making it necessary to carry the casket up the hill by hand.

There was so much overgrowth over the cemetery, I may have missed stones or markers. I would guess it was about 2 acres in size, with many pine trees, no longer a lone pine, and much brush and high grasses. I walked up the side of the hill, only to find the road when I came back down. It is still there, but has huge ruts in it, so vehicles will not chance driving it. Seems simple to me to run a grader over the road. My guess is, no one cares anymore, so it is abandoned.

The records listed without an asterisk following them are from a transcription done by Wes & Carrie Lartique, in Sep of 1973.

I visited and walked this cemetery on Jul 03, 2006. There was evidence of more burials, and I suspect I did not find all of the existing markers.

- Maggie Rail

??, Baby, no dates, s/by Lucy Brown *
Brown, Lucy, d. Jan 28, 1901, age: 41yr, w/o S.L. *
Brown, Samuel L., b. Mar 31, 1855, d. Oct 17, 1948, s/w Lucy *
Conklin, Harrison, Aug 20, 1821, d. Nov 25, 1902
Glaspey, Minnie A., b. Feb 03, 1890, d. Mar 04, 1912, w/o Adam
Heald, Lydia J., b. Apr 28, 1852 Hartford ME, d. Dec 31, 1882, age: 30yr 8mo 3da, w/o C.B Heald *
Higgins, Arminta, d. Sep 11, 1897, age: 80yr 2mo 1da
Hodges, Archie, b. Nov 15, 1898, age: 10mo 27da
Hodges, Sarah J., b. Oct 22, 1845, d. Feb 17, 1918, w/o William W
Hodges, William W., d. Dec 20, 1899, age: 65yr 20da
Holden, Cora A., b. Oct 04, 1870, d. Oct 20, 1893
Holden, Roy, b. May 17, 1893, d. Oct 15, 1894, s/o W.A. & C.A.
Kamerrer, Annie, b. Aug 30, 1880, d. May 08, 1898 *
Pierce, Mary E., b. Nov 02, 1885?, age: 19yr, w/o W.B., (broken stone)
Regan, Klyde William, d. Dec 29, 1881, age: 1yr 6mo 14da, s/o W.H. & Hettie V.
Richardson, Aaron, b. Mar 07, 1800, d. Feb 07, 1886 *
Richardson, Lydia, b. Apr 28, 1852 Hartford ME, d. Dec 31, 1992, age: 30yr 8mo 3da, Daughter
Richardson, Nancy J., b. Jul 27, 1810, d. Feb 07, 1886 *
Richardson, Susan M., b. Dec 01, 1822 Pownal ME, d. Mar 4, 1884, age: 61yr 3mo 3da, w/o I.E. *
Warren, Mary E., b, Jun 01, 1863, d. Aug 02, 1887, w/o Ellis, s/w Browns *

* = have a photo
** = information from a School history book for the area. It says Mr R. Yeo also donated more land for schools and other needs in the area.

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