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Springdale Cemetery
Springdale, Stevens County, Washington

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Jan 24, 2000 [mrail@asisna.com].

Boyer, ??, no date, grave evidence, bur. #14-03, old #12-03
Liddell, Infant, no dates, no stone, bur. #5702, old #18-02
M., K., footstone only, no dates, (could be a Martzall), bur. #42-02, old #17-02
Porter, Infant, no date, no stone, (bur. in casket with Clara), bur. #52-03, old #04-09
Smith, ?, no date, no stone (Probably Edith Galerís daughter), bur. #02-04, old #25-06
Thompson, Marilyn Fay, b. Sep 26, 1920, d. May 03, 1997, Beloved Mother, bur. #*76-04, old #43-04, removed to Deer Park on Oct 31, 2008
Wasson, Charles Jerome, b. Mar 22, 1938, d. Jan 08, ????, removed*
Wible, Wolfe R., b. Oct 07, ??, d. can't read, sexton has W. E. Wibble, bur. #m28-04, old #16-02
Young, Eva, no dates, no stone, (place unknown) interred at Greenwood Cemetery in Spokane
Zank, Infant, no dates, no stone, (place unknown)

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