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Meyers Falls Cemetery
Kettle Falls, Stevens County, Washington

West 7th Ave & Ivy St.
Kettle Falls WA

T36N R38E Sec 19
Lat: 48° 36' 24"N, Lon: 118° 03' 42"W

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Dec 15, 2000, last edited Jun 02, 2016 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 1,569.

Meyers Falls Cemetery was established in 1898 on land donated by Jacob Meyers to be used fo a cemetery for the town of Meyers Falls, Washington. This was before the construction of Grand Coulee Dam. The cemetery for the town of Kettle Falls, at that time, was Grandview Cemetery, but ofttimes it is referred to now as the 'Old Kettle Falls' Cemetery.

Many changes came about when the Columbia River rose after Coulee Dam was built. The actual town of Kettle Falls being flooded was moved to what was then Meyers Falls. It then took on the name of Kettle Falls for the two merged towns, but the cemetery kept it's name. Grandview Cemetery sort of took the backseat and was used less and less.

This cemetery is very well cared for, and I would have to say it is beautiful, with a personality all it's own. The cemetery association has continued to improve the site. A new entrance gate added with many other improvements, all by volunteer work.

After I transcribed from our two photos and hand written notes, I compared with two sources. A reading of this cemetery published in 1976 by EWGS, and those entries are followed by an * asterisk. I was able to obtain a copy of the sexton files, which provided locations in the cemetery for most listings. Those followed by 'sexton file' or * are listings which we did not find a marker for when walking the cemetery and I have no photo of.

My daughter Vicki Morris and I walked and read this cemetery on Aug 15, 2000. I used my digital camera and Vicki wrote in a notebook. Then we would switch jobs. I have a photo for many of these stones. Last updated from sexton files Feb 20, 2010.

- Maggie Rail

b. = born
b/o = baby of
c/o = child of
d. = died
d/o = dau of
h/o = husband of
s/by = stone by
s/o = son of
s/w = stone with
w/o = wife of

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