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Chewelah Memorial Park
Stevens County, Washington

Hwy 395 at Cemetery Rd
Chewelah WA

Lat: 48° 15' 24"N, Lon: 117° 42' 50"W

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Apr 08, 2002, last edited Jan 29, 2016 [mrail@asisna.com] Total records = 1,623.

Chewelah Memorial Park is about one mile south of the town of Chewelah on the east side of Hwy 395 on Cemetery Road.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the City of Chewelah. It is perpetual care and should remain active for years to come. It opened about 1952 by P Alton Bryan, who also owned the mortuary at that time. He donated the cemetery to the city of Chewelah when he retired.

I noticed some burials have been moved from the older Pioneer Cemetery to this cemetery. If the date of death is before this cemetery was opened it is easy to realize that they have been moved from another cemetery.

This is my hometown, so it was an emotional experience to read so many markers for those I knew, including my parents and many relatives. There are also many of my old school friends and teachers who are buried here.

In April of 2006, I was able to compare my work with records which I purchased copies of, from the City of Chewelah. These contained no dates, just names and locations. Some matched what I have and others were a mystery.

If anyone has dates for names which are missing dates, I would be happy to add them if you have proof. This is my hobby, I receive nothing in return for this work. I am trying to record the best records I can, hoping to help preserve a bit of history in my small way and share it with others.

Records followed by an * asterisk are either from the city hall records, when there is no date, which means I found no headstone for them, or they would be from an obituary if it has dates. I have no photos of either of these. All of the locations came from the city records.

I first walked and read this cemetery on Mar 30, 2002 and transcribed from that survey. I used a digital camera now and have a photo of almost every headstone.

- Maggie Rail
b/o = baby of
d/o = dau of
h/o = husband of
s/o = son of
s/w = stone with
w/o = wife of

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