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Greenwood Memorial Terrace
Spokane, Spokane County, Washington

211 N Government Way
Spokane WA 99224

Lat: 47° 39' 25"N, Lon: 117° 28' 15"W
T25N R42E Sec 14

Transcribed and compiled by Maggie Rail 2001-2012, last edited Jun 27, 2016 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 22,512.

To reach this cemetery in Spokane, drive north on Monroe Street, turning left onto Northwest Boulevard for a mile or so. Then turn left onto Meehan Drive, and continue past the Community College. Turn left onto Government Way and continue, until you see the cemetery on your right. It will be across from Riverside Memorial Park and past Mount Nebo Cemetery.

This Endowment Cemetery was established in 1888. In recent years it has become a part of the Fairmount Association, which includes about 5 cemeteries. The office for this cemetery and Riverside is on the grounds of Greenwood.

The first work I did for this was mostly of the Non-endowed section of Greenwood which I did in 2001. As time permits I will try to add from other sections of this cemetery. On most of the markers with "no dates" they were a simple cement marker with just names and a number for the position in the cemetery, in the Non-Endowed section. This section holds those who for one reason or another chose not to be in the Endowed section. Some by no fault of their own could not afford the highter cost, some preferred not to be in the Endowed section. Some were from the poor farm of years ago. No one reason placed them in this section. I have used the abbreviation n/e to show the section they are in.

I would say the majority of markers in the non-endowed section were a small cement marker with just a name and plot number on it. I could not read all of the numbers. Occasionally a marker was later placed beside the small cement marker with dates. I am slowly reading the lawns as I have time. Some of the stones are buried, some missing and others very difficult to decipher.

In Section 02 there were about 100 stones etched in Japanese, a few others with a surname and the rest in Japanese, so I was unable to transcribe those into English and include them. In lawns where the stones are older and so difficult to read, sometimes I could be incorrect in what I transcribed.

In some of the older sections I did my best, but could be incorrect on what I transcribed. Many stones are illegible, or partly illegible, worn or covered with lichen or something to blurr the reading. Others are completely buried, gone or overgrown with shrubbery. If an upright stone falls over, they lay it flat and let the grass grow over it. Sometimes the stones are cracked from driving over them, when they mow the lawn. If a name is listed in more than one lawn, that is because I could not tell which lawn it was. I tried to catch all but may have missed some. As of Nov 02, 2012 I have walked all of the lawns on the two lower levels and a few on the top.

Since I read the non-endowed section, I have added records from obituaries, or from family, and these have no location in the cemetery. Those with and asterisk * were acquired from obits, sometimes I forgot to add the asterisk, so any without a locations would be from obits. I also am taking one lawn at a time and trying to read this cemetery. This will be a slow process, the map I have shows at least 50 lawns, gardens or sections. I do have a photo of all of the legible stones in the lawns I have read. At this time I have read all but the upper level of the cemetery. I am always willing to add names that I am missing if sent to me with proof.

Sometimes when I walked a lawn I added markers which had names only, which may or may not be buried here. Some are and some may only be a purchased lot with no one buried there yet. If anyone knows more info on these I would like to have more information on any of them. Some entries were names I found in the state digital archives listed as being buried here with no location included. I am aware that I miss many names for the older lawns where the stones are buried or no longer exist.

- Maggie Rail

* = from obit
b. = born
c/o = child of
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
h/o = husband of
m. = married
Maus = Mausoleum
n/e = non-endowed section
ns = no stone
OES = Order of Eastern Star
s/by = stone by
s/o = son of
SA = State digital archives
Sec = Section
SMR = Spokane Mortuary records
sss = shared surname stone
s/w = stone with
w/o = wife of
WOW = Woodman of the World
or Women of Woodcraft

Sections Completed:

Bl-27 = Block 27
GD = Garden of Deseret
L-AW = Arlington West Lawn
L-01 = Lawn 01
L-01/02 = Lawn 01 or 02
L-02 = Lawn 02
L-03 = Lawn 03
L-04 = Lawn 04
L-05 = Lawn 05
L-06 = Lawn 06
L-07 = Lawn 07
L-08 = Lawn 08
L-09 = Lawn 09
L-09-15 = Lawn 09 or 15
L-10 = Lawn 10
L-13 = Lawn 13
L-14 = Lawn 14
L-15 = Lawn 15
L-17 = Lawn 17
L-16 = Lawn 16, Steppe
L-18 = Lawn 18
L-19 = Lawn 19
L-20 = Lawn 20
L-21 = Lawn 21
L-23 = Lawn 23
L-24 = Lawn 24

L-25 = Lawn 25
L-26 = Lawn 26
L-27 = Lawn 27
L-28 = Lawn 28
L-29 = Lawn 29
L-32 = Lawn 32
L-101 = Lawn 101
L-106 = Lawn 106
L-109 = Lawn 109
L-C = Cannon Lawn
L-CB = Cherry Blossom
L-Insp = Garden of Inspiration
L-P = Pring Lawn
n/e = Non-endowed Sec


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