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Antoine Family Cemetery
Okanogan County, Washington

Campbell Ranch, Owhi WA

Lat: 48° 15' 00"N, 118° 50' 41"W
T32N R31 Sec 25

Contributed by Maggie Rail, © Sep 02, 2003, last edited Oct 12, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 0.

From Nespelem take the Keller Road for about 4 miles, till you come to the Owhi Lake Road. Turn onto the Owhi Lake Rd and continue until you pass the lake and after the 2nd cattle guard, watch to your right for the fenced in cemetery, out in the field. There is a road out to the cemetery from the highway. It was about 2.4 mi after you passed the lake.

This cemetery is on the Campbell Farm, and no one knows who is buried there really. Mary Campbell told me the name of the family but there are no existing markers. Just a dozen or so mounds, some having a white stone to mark them, both showing that they are burial sites. I imagine at one time there may have been wooden markers.

I said it is in Owhi Washington, but with all the changes, I imagine it would be considered in Nespelem now.

I visited this burial site Jun 24, 2003, and surveyed it. If anyone has information about actual names of who is buried here please contact me.

- Maggie Rail

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