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Peach Cemetery
Lincoln County, Washington

Transcribed by Maggie Rail [mrail@asisna.com].

Articles of Incorporation #67627, Peach Cemetery Assn, Filed Sep 17, 1906. Request of R M Dye, Recorded Sep 19, 1906. "We the undersigned citizens of the US of America, and of the State of WA, residing in Lincoln Co, have this day voluntarily associated ourselves together for the purpose of and with the intention of forming a corporation under the laws of the St of WA to be known by the corporate name of "The Peach Cemetery Assn". And we hereby certify that the objects for which this corporation is formed are to secure land for a burial ground or cemetery, to plat the same in burial lots, to improve the same by the erection of necessary inclosures, necessary buildings, to sell and transfer burial lots, and to take charge of and control the burial ground or cemetery. That the principal place of business shall be Peach, Lincoln County, St. of WA. R Uribe S L Layson J M Kirby Mrs Sarah Ensley Mrs M A Snook John R Hill G H Yeaman Dan Balcom R H Stiles Charles Balcom Nelson Anderson."

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