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Maccabee Cemetery
Lincoln County, Washington

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Sep 25, 2009 [mrail@asisna.com].

??, Mary, rest illegible, metal marker on cement block
A.J.G., no dates, Mother, s/by X.G & W.J.G, in Gee lot
Boswick, Father, no dates, s/w Mother
Boswick, Mother, no dates, s/w Father
Dotson, Baby, no dates
E.G., no dates, Mother, s/by A.J.G., X.G. and W.J.G., in Gee lot
Goodwater, Infant, no dates, Son, s/w Daughter
Goodwater, Infant, no dates, Daughter, s/w Son
Merrick, Baby, rest of stone buried, s/by Mainard
W.J.G., no dates, Father, s/by A.J.G. and X.G., in Gee lot
X.G., no dates, Mother, s/by A.J.G & W.J.G., in Gee lot

Unsure if buried here, died in area
Fluehr, Emil, d. 1907, bro/o Charlie and Herman
Fluehr, Herman, d. 1909, bro/o Charlie and Emil
Ingles, David, d. May 11, 1937, age: 78yr, h/o Lizzie Rashleigh, ns
Lewis, Edna Ella Reed, d. Mar 29, 1927, Sec 27, T.V. Reed lot, ns
Luvaas, Mrs. Peter, d. Dec 15, 1918 (Flossie B. Morris), Obit
Madison, C. F., d. Oct 1921, age 73yr, Sec 41, ns
Palmer, Blanche Winnie, d. May 20, 1992, ns
Reams, Martha, d. 1924, ns
Schroeder, Ernestine Marie, d. Mar 1920, ns
Stairs, Daniel M., d. Nov 13, 1934, ns
Stolp, Claudia Irene, d. Mar 1916

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