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Detillion Cemetery
Lincoln County, Washington

T28 R37E Sec 18
Map No. 21

Transcribed and compiled by Maggie Rail 1999. [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 21.

Record of individuals moved from the banks of the Columbia River to make way for the rising flood waters of Lake Roosevelt. Transcribed from information acquired from the Bureau of Reclamation of the United States Department of the Interior, Nov 2, 1999. The #'s at the end of each line represent their number on the list. The numbers before those are the burial location.

Day, Ethel, sister of Arthur Day, Moved To Fruitland, #20
Detillion, Elizabeth, grandmother of H.G., Moved To Riverview, 6-3-7, #3
Detillion, Etta, dau of George, Moved To Riverview, 6-3-15, #8
Detillion, George, uncle of H.G., Moved To Riverview, 6-3-16, #4
Detillion, Lawrence, s/o H.G., Moved To Fruitland, #1
Detillion, Male, son of George, Moved To Riverview, 6-3-15, #5
Detillion, Son, s/o John (John an Uncle to H.G.), Moved To Riverview, 6-3-14, #6
Detillion, baby, s/o John Detilliion, Moved To Riverview, 6-3-6, #7
Ellington, Baby, child of Mrs. transient, Not found, #19
Flowers, Baby of Mrs., transient, Not found, #18
Lang, Mrs. Mary, cousin of McLean, Moved To Riverview, 6-4-16, #9
Laughbon, Mrs. L.R., no stone, Moved To Riverview, 6-4-7, #21
McLean, Mrs. Mary J, Moved To Riverview, 6-4-14, #11
McLean, T. P., Moved To Riverview, 6-4-13, #10
Potts, Woman, transient, Moved To Riverview, 6-4-8, #16
Sears, R.M., relative of Mother, Moved To Fruitland, of Worthley's, #17
Von Schriltz, Marion, son of Mrs. A.M., released to Family, #15
Von Schritlz, Baby of A.M., released to family, #13
Von Schritlz, Child, Baby of Will, g/son of Mrs. A.M.V., released to family, #12
Von Schritlz, Mrs. A.M., released to family, #14
Yost, Lulu, sis of H.G. Detillion, Moved To Riverview, 6-3-8, #2

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