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Roslyn Cemeteries
Kittitas County, Washington

Lat: 4713'12", Lon: 12100'02"W
T20N R15E Sec 17

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, Sep 02, 2001 [mrail@asisna.com].

In May of 1892, 45 men died in a mine blast. I found many of these burials as I walked these cemeteries. Each buried in the cemetery of the family's choice. In many cases a mention was made about the mining accident on the stone.

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On Pennsylvania Avenue, right in front of the Northwestern Improvement Company stands a Miners' Memorial. It is placed there because it was under that spot where the Explosion of 1909 was, which killed 10 miners. On this memorial are listed the names of the 45 miners of 1892 in a mine blast and the 10 miners of the 1909 explosion who died below the statue. These are written on plaques around the base of the statue. They are all listed below.

The statue depicts a young coal miner perhaps in the years of 1908 to 1920. It shows him leaving the mine at the end of his long days work, and he spies his family waiting for him, so he waves to them, with a broad smile on his face. On the sign in front of the Memorial it says there is an estimated 283 million
ton of coal still remaining in the Roslyn coal fields.

Monument Inscriptions:

Mine #1, May 10, 1892, 45 Miners Died

Joseph Bennett
Dominic Bianco
John Bowen
George Brooks
Joseph Browitt
Harry Campbell
G. Cooper
Joseph Cusworth Sr Joseph Cusworth Jr. Phillips Davis
Herman Daister
Andrew Erlandson
George Forsyth
Richard Forsyth
John Foster

Scott Giles
Robert Graham
Mitchell Hale
Frank Hannah
James Hewitson
William Hague
John Hodgon
Thomas Holmes
James Housbon
Elisha Jackson
John D. Lewis
John Mattie
Dan McClellan
James Morgan
George Moses

Benjamin Ostliff Charles Palmer William Penall
Leslie Pollard
David Reese
Thomas Reese
William Robinson
Mitchell Ronald
Preston Saing
J. D. Senis
Robert Spotts Winford Steele
Jacob Weatherly
G. W. Williams Sidney Wright

Mine #4, Oct 03, 1909, 10 Miners Died

Dominic Bartoloto
Carl Berger
William Grundel
James Gunell
Daniel Hardy

Aaron Jackson
John E. Jones
Otis Newhouse
Phillip Pozarich
George Tomatich

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