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Mount Olivet Cemetery
Roslyn, Kittitas County, Washington

Roslyn WA 98941

Lat: 47° 13' 13"N, Lon: 121° 00' 03"W
T20N R15E Sec 17

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, Oct 02, 2001, last edited Mar 22, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 59.

This cemetery is on the lower road. After you have turned left onto Memorial Road coming up from Pennsylvania Ave, you stay on Memorial road and keep right. It is next to the Old City Cemetery. see map.

Willie Craven is the current Sexton and the one who maintains Mount Olivet, with the help of his brother Wesley and others. It was Willie and Wesley's father who was the official Grave Digger and Watcher over the cemetery until his death. For more information on Roslyn.

This cemetery has had other names. It has been referred to as the Old Black Cemetery, or the Black Miner's Cemetery. It was rededicated Aug 05, 1995 as Mount Olivet Cemetery. There has been and still is a busy crew working here since 1995 trying to fix the cemetery up to a condition they can be proud of. I thought it looked very good.

Prince Hall Masons of the Washington Jurisdiction, were responsible for the masonry work and the white crosses, plus other costs to make the renewal of the cemetery possible, and continue to assist with maintenance of the cemetery since 1995, along with Willie and Wesley Craven.

It was an especially sad time for the Craven family the week I was there. Willie had just lost a son in the 30 Mile Forest Fire a few days before. I was unaware of it when there or I would have asked him about it. I will add the name as soon as I get it.

When I was reading the cemetery I was able to interview Willie and Wesley Craven, because they were there busy at work. Willie said the many white crosses show how the people in the early days were so poor they could not afford a marker of any kind. He is still working very hard to find all the names of who are buried here, assisted by his brother Wesley.

I acquired the information I have presented from my own readings and either the city hall or the cemetery sexton, which might include old records.

I used a digital camera to read this cemetery, which I am willing to share if there is one for the name you wish. Some I had to use my notepad, and some I could not read. If anyone can help me, I will be happy to add the information. Especially the first two entries, or names completely missing. I walked and read this cemetery Aug 19, 2001.

- Maggie Rail

s/w = stone with

??, Ruby, b. Oct 23, 1899, d. Nov 24, 1899, s/w Rusia, by Donaldson
??, Rusia, b. Mar 24, 1897, d. May 31, 1898, s/w Ruby, by Donaldson
Carpenter, Robert, d. Mar 09, 1908, age 17yr
Claxton, William E, b. 1862, d. 1943, Father
Cousins, Eugene Nicholas, b. May 22, 1927, d. Jan 28, 1997, S1 US navy wWII
Craven, Ethel F, b. 1906, d. 1993, Mother, s/w Samuel L
Craven, Georgia Frances, no dates
Craven, Samuel F, b. Sep 28, 1936, d. Aug 08, 1992, Beloved Husband and Father
Craven, Samuel L, b. 1895, d. 1969, Father, s/w Ethel F
Craven, Thomas, b. 1971, d. Jul 2001, died in the Thirty-mile fire, s/o M&M Willie Craven
Cullins, Mary Hart,
b. 1926, d. no date
Donaldson, Jessee, b. Mar 1846, d. Nov 1913, Pvt Co I 15 Cld Inf
Donaldson, T.W., b. Mar 22, 1881, d. May 20, 1902
Epps, Quincy, b. 1889?, d. 1927
Fleming, Mine A, b. Nov 06, 1899, d. Feb 11, 1975, Cpl US Army
Green, Peter, d. 1899, age 40yr 8mo, h/o Lydia, IOOF, stone badly broken
Harris, Matilda, d. Oct 04, 1898, age 33yr, w/o George Harris
Hart, Beulah, b. 1925, d. 1980, s/w & w/o William, m. Feb 28, 1942
Hart, Edward, b. 1890, d. 1971, s/w Pearl, Bonham Texas
Hart, Elaine O, b. 1924, d. 1992
Hart, James Van, b. 1948, d. 1981
Hart, Pearl, b. 1890, d. 1953, s/w Edward, Bonham Texas
Hart, Theodore David, b. 1947, d. 1984
Hart, William, b. 1918, d. 1970, s/w Beulah, m. Feb 28, 1942
Hazelwood, Leo A, d. Nov 11, 1890, 45yr, Father
Howard, Dorothy, no dates
Howard, Mr, no dates
Howard, Stanley, no dates
Mackey, Katheren, b. Dec 25, 1854 in Lexington KY, d. Jul 03, 1897
Mahmood, Herschel B, b. Jun 20, 1922, d. Aug 13, 2003
Maynard, Mariah, b. Sep 12, 1803, d. Feb 21, 1900, age 97yr
McCauley, Robert, d. Apr 15, 1896, age: 39yr, h/o Annie Taylor McCauley
Olds, Albert, b. Aug 20, 1865, d. Mar 10, 1947, Husband
Olds, Nettie, b. dec 26, 1876, d. NOv 16, 1949, Wife
Porterfield, Willie F, b. 1865, d. 1933
Price, Mary, b. Jan 15, 1844, d. Mar 19, 1908, w/o Henry Price
Roberts, G. N., d. Apr 22, 1902, age 45yr 1mo 3da
Rudolph, Hardy A, b. 1875, d. 1943, Father
Scott, Florence, b. 1859, d. 1916, s/o Lee Scott
Smith, Edward, b. 1875, d. 1969
Spates, Fates, no dates
Speights, Nellie, d. Aug 10, 1905, w/o F. Speights, 29yr 5mo 10da
Strong, Eva, b. 1888, d. 1976, Wife
Strong, Henry, b. 1876, d. 1956, Father
Strong, Noble, b. Feb 15, 1913, d. Mar 15, 1925
Taylor, Ellenora, no dates
Taylor, Fred, no dates
Taylor, Nellie, no dates
Thomas, B. J., b. Jan 14, 1869, d. Dec 30, 1908, aged 90yr 11mo 15da, h/o Josie Thomas
Warden, Jim, b. 1916, d. 1977
Webb, Gerald L, b. Jun 28, 1947, d. Sep 14, 1995, Pvt US Army Vietnam
Webb, Thomas, d. Oct 16, 1948, s/o Elijah Webb & Gertrude (Craven) Webb
Williams, G. W., d. May 10, 1892 Roslyn, 41yr old (I might be 1992)
Williams, Harriet, no dates
Woffort, Leola Mae (Craven), b. Jun 15, 1922, d. May 29, 1992, Beloved Wife & Mother
Woffort, William, b. Dec 25, 1912, d. Aug 08, 1990, Beloved Husband & Father

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