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Sherman Creek Cemetery
Ferry County, Washington

Map # 34

Contributed by Maggie Rail, © 2000 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 0.

Transcribed from "Columbia River Cemeteries", a record of individuals moved from the banks of the Columbia River to make way for the rising flood waters of Lake Roosevelt, published in the 1976 book, "Stevens County Tombstone Inscriptions" by EWGS, Spokane WA., who acquired this record from the Spokane Garry Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution.

This cemetery is now located underneath the Columbia River. In approximately 1939-40, after the Grand Coulee Dam was built, the waters were raised, thus flooding the cemetery. Before the waters were raised, the Bureau of Reclamation, of the U.S. Department of the Interior, was responsible for relocating the burials.

The map does not show #34, but it would have been in the Inchelium area.

"Thirteen unidentified burials were removed to New Inchelium from the Sherman Creek cemetery."

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