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Hall Creek Cemetery
Inchelium, Ferry County, Washington

Lat: 48 19' 12"N, Lon: 118 11' 33"
T33N R37W Sec 31

Saint Michael Mission
Inchelium WA

Contributed by Maggie Rail, © Sep 03, 2001, last edited Oct 15, 2009 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 880.

To reach cemetery from Inchelium, take Hwy 122 toward Colville out of Inchelium. The cemetery is about a mile further on the right side of the hwy.

Hall Creek Cemetery is owned and maintained by Saint Michael Mission in Inchelium, WA. For more information I suggest you try to contact them.

This cemetery is on the Colville Indian Reservation. I was told recently that only Indians and their immediate family members would be found buried in any cemetery which it is on the reservation. This may be of help when researching your family.

Many of those listed here, perhaps many of those without dates, are removals from other cemeteries. I did some research on those removed from the flooded cemeteries, and have added this information when I found the record. This is the New Inchelium Cemetery referred to in some of the records in the Flooded Cemeteries.

There are stones in the different corners of the cemetery in memory of those unknowns who passed or were reinterred here, without proper records. I feel some of these came from the flooded cemeteries.

I found one section which had many names I recognized, with simply a funeral home marker and no dates. Most of these were from the underwater cemeteries removed to here. I supplied the dates if I had them.

Some I have added were probably included in the burial of unidentified, since with many I found no marker for them. One large marker has been placed for these, as well as markers in the corners of the cemetery. I have no record of who is represented by each of those markers.

My Granddaughter, Michelle Morris and I read this cemetery on Jun 22, 2001. I use a notepad and a digital camera to record readings from the headstones or markers. The notepad is primarily for notes, and any markers which will not take a good photo. If I have a photo that anyone wants, I am happy to share it.

I have transcribed from those readings, plus previous work I did on the flooded cemeteries, or old church records of Saint Michael Mission. A few obits added since.

When is says Danekas FH that is the funeral home which handled the burial. This is how to contact them. Danekas Funeral Home, ph:509-684-6271
mailing address: 155 W 1st Ave, Colville Wash. 99114

- Maggie Rail

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