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Miners Union Cemetery
Mullan, Shoshone County, Idaho

Lat: 47 37' 25"N, Lon: 115 51' 52"W
T49N R5E Sec 5

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © May 21, 2006, last edited Feb 01, 2016 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 29.

In Mullan ID, which is on I-90 driving east out of Wallace, turn right or south onto Copper Street, left or east onto Montana Street and continue about three blocks, turning right onto Cemetery Road. Take the first left turn up the hill, which switches back east and then south up to the cemetery. You will see the sign for the IOOF Cemetery, take the left turn. Just as the road curves, if you look very carefully on your left, you can spot a few headstones amid the brush and trees.

This cemetery was established as the cemetery for the miners to use. A gentleman at the cemetry told me there used to be many visible headstones in it. It now has grown over with trees and brush, making it almost impossible to realize it is a cemetery, let alone find the stones.

The gentleman remembers playing in the area as a child and walking through it, reading the stones. He said his grandmother told him many times that the lady in the very back was the first settler to the area to be buried here. Her stone is about 150 ft behind the rest and I would never have found it, if he had not told me. Her name is Nina Williamson, and the stone was toppled over, so the side her husband was on was face down.

Many of the stones no longer exist, because they were buried when it was decided a road must be built through the area, to accomodate a residence beyond the cemeteries. The road abuts the IOOF cemetery and cuts into the one side of the Miners Cemetery.

It appears that I was only able to find a few of the original stones. If anyone knows of a burial in this cemetery which I am missing, please contact me and I will be ever so happy to add the name to my listing.

The names without an asterisk came from the sexton files, provided me by the Mullan city clerk, where they have the records, but no one seems to take care of the cemetery. It is simply abandoned.

I walked and surveyed this cemetery on May 21, 2006 using a digital camera. I have photos of all the existing and legible stones. I have placed an asterisk following those I have a photo of.

- Maggie Rail


b. = born
d. = died
h/o = husband of
yr = year

s/o = son of
s/w = stone with
w/o = wife of
* photo of stone

??, Nick, b. Nov 04, 1885, d. May 03, 1899?, Loving Companion, handmade stone, date hard to read *
Aleck, Nick, d. May 20, 1917, might be unknown Nick
Anderson, Elma M, b. 1876, d. 1937, Mother, s/w John S, (listed as Ford by city, mother of Walter A Anderson) *
Anderson, John S, b. 1871, d. (Nov 07) 1911, Father, s/w Elma M *
Casey, John, d. Oct 01, 1933
Chisholm, John A, b. 1867, d. (May 28) 1924 *
Christopherson, Christ, d. Dec 11, 1911
Covello, Sam, d. Nov 23, 1917, (might be Covelli)
Donnelly, Peter, d. Aug 11, 1924
Dooling, Patrick, b. Apr 01, 1872, d. Apr 06, 1914, s/w John McLaughlin *
Giachino, Peter, d. Dec 01, 1918
Greenfeldt, George, d. 1925
Jekel, Jacob, b. Nov 10, 1868, d. Oct 01, 1913
Keiffer, Alice Elaine, d. May 04, 1936, Infant
Kellio, Alice Elaine Keiffer, d. May 04, 1936, infant
Laughlin, John, d. Dec 06, 1917 (Jun 21, 1912?)
Magnino, Joseph, d. 1911, bro-in-law of Peter Gianchino
Malloy, Jack, d. Apr 16, 1939
McLaughlin, John, b. Nov 06, 1865, d. May 1913, s/w Patrick Dooling *
Murphy, Dan, d. Oct 12, 1917
Nilson, Hilmer, d. Aug 28, 1913
Rafelli, Angelo, d. Sep 11, 1935
Randa, Frank, d. Dec 06, 1924
Saltey, Jonnes N(ilson), d. Oct 12, 1910, Age 33yr *
Saltey, Ole Olson, d. Sep 29, 1911, cousin of Erick Johnson *
Saltey, Torger Ole, d. Sep 29, 1911, age: 29yr *
Shea, John, d. Nov 05, 1910
Williamson, Nina, b. Dec 26, 1890, d. Sep 16, 1910, earliest burial, w/o W.J. Williamson *
Williamson, W. J., d. Dec 21, 1924 or Aug 11, 1924, h/o Nina

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