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Greenwood Cemetery
Kellogg, Shoshone County, Idaho

Lat: 47° 31' 54"N, Lon: 116° 06' 54"W
T48N R3E Sec 7/8

Contact: City Hall

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Mar 05, 2006, last edited Sep 29, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 4,909.

From I-90 take Exit 50 which comes onto Hill Street, continue and turn left or east onto McKinley Avenue, then right onto S. Main for about 2 blocks then left onto E. Mill St. and watch for a quick left onto Presley Ave and on up the hill, which will take you to the cemetery at the top. Watch for sign.

This is the cemetery for the city of Kellogg, Idaho. It is maintained under the direction of a Cemetery Board. I was never able to obtain and records from them, so this is basically what I read while walking the cemetery. I later compared my work with an earlier reading, which I found in the Moscow Historical Society Library. It was typed in 1962 by members of the society. An asterisk has been placed after names I added from these records for which I found no stone. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the records taken from this source.

There were no distinct boundary lines between the Babyland and Catholic sections so I could have some of them in the wrong section. This could be true of others. There were more than one New City Cemeteries but they also ran together so I listed them together. I found only three Old City Sections. No idea why they jumped from #1 to #4 unless they thought it might confuse with the New City Sections. I have provided a map of the cemetery, which is not to scale but does help.

This cemetery is very well maintained, due to the efficiency of Tim Mendy, the groundskeeper. One can find him there almost every day, from early morning until he leaves in the late afternoon. There are many areas where the old markers are half buried. Tim said he tries to keep all of them marked and lifted when he finds time. There are some unmarked areas where no one knows who is buried there.

We were in a draught year when I read this cemetery. No matter how much water was applied, things stayed dead looking. Once in a while there were areas that had enough to stay green. It even effected some of the trees, which this cemetery has many of.

The cemetery is divided into about 22 sections, plus some areas which are very old and missing many stones and markers. One is just some old graves and not part of the cemetery really, though they keep it groomed. There is a newer section where the Columbarium wall is, and it is filling up fast. There will definitely be a need for expansion in the near future.

I started reading this cemetery on Aug 24, 2005 and was able to finish it on Sep 08, 2005. I used a digital camera and have a photo of every existing and legible stone.

- Maggie Rail


MR = Mortuary Records
Sec B = Babyland Section
Sec C = Catholic Section
Sec CY = County Section
Sec E = Eagles Section
Sec F = Forest Home Section
Sec H = Hill Section
Sec I = Italian Section
Sec IU = Industrial Union Section
Sec K = Kellogg or Old City #5 Sec
Sec KP = Knights of Pythias Section
Sec M = Masonic Section
Sec NC #1&2 = New City #1&2
Sec Sec NC #3 = New City #3 Sec
Sec O = Old Section
Sec OC #1 = Old City #1 Section
Sec OC #4 = Old City #4 Section
Sec OF = IOOF or Oddfellows Sec
Sec OG = some old graves
Sec S = Shack North & South Sec
Sec TM = Thornhill-McGlade Sec
Sec U = Columbarium or Urn wall
Sec V = Veteran Section
* = from 1962 source, obit or family, no photo
c/o = child of
d/o = dau of
h/o = husband of
s/by = stone by
s/o = son of
s/w = stone with
sss = shared surname stone
w/o =wife of

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