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Rimrock Cemetery
Garwood, Kootenai County, Idaho

20005 Hudlow Road,
Garwood ID

Lat: 47° 49' 29"N, Lon: 116° 45' 48"W

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, Aug 16, 2004, last edited Feb 11, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 102.

To reach the cemetery from Hwy 95 in Garwood, turn east on Garwood Road, then right onto Hudlow Road for about a mile. Shortly after the road makes a turn you will see the cemetery on your left.

On Jun 02, 1900 Mrs Tom Leggers donated 1 acre of land to the Garwood neighbors. As the years went by the cemetery gradually was left with little care until it was in an abandoned condition. After several years a need was seen by the VFW in Hayden ID, they decided to take action and took this cemetery under their wing.

The Hayden VFW and many volunteers came in and worked hard to restore the overgrown cemetery, platting it, cleaning it out, markers placed when possible. They were forced to leave a few unknown burial sites, for lack of information.

Since 1996 it has been maintained by the Hayden VFW Post 9831. A fence surrounds it with flags on holders atop the fenceline. Graves have been identified as best they could, however some only have a name, with no dates. In the center is a picnic area. They have made it possible for this once abandoned cemetery to become active again.

Rimrock is a private cemetery for the use of neighborhood residents only and is now operated by Jerry Engelbrecht. It is supported by donations and the help of caring Volunteers.

I have compared my reading with the map provided me by Jerry Engelbrecht and have placed an asterisk * after those names which came from the sexton records, with a parenthesis around additional information not found on the stone.

I surveyed this cemetery on Aug 05, 2004, using my digital camera and a notebook. Am willing to share photos if I have one you would like. There is no photo for an entry with an asterisk.

- Maggie Rail

??, Adult, no data, East Sec Lot-36
??, Baby, no dates, East Sec Lot-2
??, Barb, no other information, West Sec
??, Infant, no dates, West Sec Lot-35
??, May, d. 1938
Anderson, Johanna, Oct 06, 1828, Feb 18, 1918, from death records
Ballard, Allen Lester, b. Apr 15, 1907, d. Jan 13, 1980, s/w Mary Sophia, West Sec Lot-43
Ballard, Mary Sophia, b. Jan 14, 1909, d. Feb 06, 1999, s/w Allen Lester
Burnham, Russell H, b. 1923, d. 2003, US Navy WWII, East Sec Lot-45
Butts, Jack R, b. Dec 18, 1937, d. Jan 30, 1998, West Sec Lot-44
Cisco, Bob, no dates, West Sec Lot-4
Cisco, Nancy J, b. Dec 15, 1838, d. Sep 01, 1924, s/by William W, West Sec Lot-3
Cisco, William W, b. Feb 15, 1833, d. Apr 15, 1913, s/by Nancy J, West Sec Lot-3
Colman, William, b. Sep 23, 1867, Jun 29, 1931, can't read middle name, East Sec Lot-13
Dahlgren, Mary Flodin, b. Oct 20, 1889, d. Jun 01, 1945, West Sec Lot-33
Dahlgren, Ole, b. Dec 26, 1884, d. Jan 05, 1947, West Sec Lot-33
Dingman, Baby, d. bef 1902, child of Charles, East Sec Lot-33
Dingman, Caroline June, d. 1938, infant, East Sec Lot-14
Dingman, Charles Anthony, d. 1914, s/o Harvey B, East Sec Lot-29
Dingman, Fay E, b. 1913, d. 1978, s/w Sally Jo and Rita J
Dingman, Rita J, b. 1918, d. 2003, s/w Fay E and Sally Jo
Dingman, Ross 'Scotty', no dates, East Sec Lot-14
Dingman, Sally Jo, d. Sep 26, 1938, infant, s/w Fay E and Rita J, East Sec Lot-19
Dodge, Douglas Ray, b. Jan 16, 1951, d. Jul 21, 2002, Sp4 US Army Vietnam, East Sec Lot-41
Edmiston, Eddie, b. Jan 17, 1964, d. Feb 06, 2004, West Sec Lot-11
Engelbrecht, Alvin Lee, b. Jan 24, 1932, d. Oct 02, 2001, En3 US Navy Korea, East Sec Lot-8
Evans, Baby, no dates, child of Frank, East Sec Lot-20
Flodin, Nils, no dates, s/w Freda and Nils Johnson, West Sec Lot-48
Gibbs, Jay W, b. 1908, d. 1968, s/by Myrtle M, West Sec Lot-19
Gibbs, Myrtle M, b. 1916, d. 2002, s/by Jay W, West Sec Lot-19
Gibson, Baby, no dates, East Sec Lot-47
Handy, Infant, no dates, s/w & d/o M&M John M, West Sec Lot-2
Handy, Infant, no dates, s/w & s/o M&M John M, West Sec Lot-2
Harmon, Ray H, b. Dec 17, 1812, d. Oct 22, 1993, Dad, s/by Winnifred I
Harmon, Winnifred I, b. 1919, d. 1986, Mother, s/by Ray H
Harrison, Esther P, b. 1920, d. 1994, Beloved Mother, Grandmother and Sister, West Sec Lot-40
Herbert, Baby, no dates, child of H. West Sec Lot-30 *
Hettrick, Elizabeth, no dates, wooden marker by William, West Sec Lot-4
Hettrick, William, no dates, marker by Elizabeth, West Sec Lot-4
House, Baby, d. 1972, age: 3mo, West Sec Lot-19 *
Hudlow, Alford Webster, b. Jun 11, 1849, d. Mar 29, 1926, s/w Rhoda Caroline, East Sec Lot-34
Hudlow, Baby, b./d. c.1906, age: 1mo, child of Russell, East Sec Lot-48 *
Hudlow, Burman, no dates, bur. by Pearl Suits, East Sec Lot-35
Hudlow, Ella, b. Sep 10, 1922, d. Oct 11, 1922
Hudlow, Infant, b. c.1904, stillborn, child of Russell, East Sec Lot-48 *
Hudlow, Rhoda Caroline, b. Sep 15, 1852, d. May 25, 1917, s/w Alford Webster, East Sec Lot-34
Hudlow, Roda, no dates, East Sec
Hudlow, Viola, d. Nov 1900, East Sec
Hughes, Mildred M, b. 1902, d. 1966, Mother, s/w Sherman E
Hughes, Roy E, b. Jan 27, 1928, d. Jun 04, 2001, Cpl US Army Korea
Hughes, Sherman E, b. 1893, d. 1978, Father, s/w Mildred M
Jacobson, Baby, d. bef 1910, East Sec Lot-42 *
Johnson, Freda Flodin, no dates, s/w Nils Flodin and Nils Johnson, West Sec Lot-48
Johnson, Nils, no dates, s/w Nils Flodin and Freda Johnson, West Sec Lot-48
Jones, Baby, no dates, East Sec Lot-18 *
Koep, 'Nell', b. 1902, d. 1953, age: 50yr 9mo 12da, Elizabeth E (Steele), West Sec Lot-18
Lloyd, Grandma, no dates, East Sec Lot-15 *
Lower, Josiah, b. Feb 24, 1860, d. May 25, 1941, East Sec Lot-30
Lower, Louie, b. Jun 26, 1903, d. Mar 18, 1988, East Sec Lot-?, per Bryan Henry
Lowery, Infant, d. Apr 27, 1908 *
Marston, Charles L, b. Jan 18, 1922, d. Sep 30, 2002, s/w Josephine K, photo, West Sec Lot-9
Marston, Josephine K, b. Aug 11, 1922, d. no date, s/w Charles L, photo, West Sec Lot-9
Masterson, Leona, no dates, East Sec Lot-16
McLean, Babies, no dates, East Sec Lot-17 *
Metcalf, Mabel, no dates, West Sec Lot-17 *
Metcalf, Mr, b. 1860, d. 1954, (Claude E) West Sec Lot-17 *
Miller, Gordon R, b. 1936, d. 1982, West Sec Lot-41
Morris, Baby, no dates, West Sec Lot-14 *
Morris, Baby, no dates, West Sec Lot-15
Morris, Della S, no dates, West Sec Lot-15
Morris, James N, d. Apr 24, 1934, age 60yr 9mo 24da, West Sec Lot-14
Morris, Rosie, no dates, West Sec Lot-15
Nelson, Johanna, b. 1828, d. 1918, West Sec Lot-47
Nestell, Eva, d. Jul 11, 1933, age 43yr 11mo 5da, West Sec Lot-35 *
Nestell, Ruben, no date, West Sec Lot-34
O'Hara, Mrs, no date, West Sec Lot-16
Patzer, Lydia, May 11, 1968, age: 74yr, obit
Philips, Baby, no dates, East Sec Lot-32 *
Powers, Bob, no dates, West Sec Lot-29 *
Raml, Cecil Pat, b. 1917, d. 1999, s/w Ruth Roberts
Raml, Ruth Roberts, b. 1911, d. 1994, s/w Cecil Pat
Redding, George, no dates, a friend, s/by Ole Dahlgren, West Sec Lot-33
Rickman, Baby, no dates, child of Floyd, East Sec Lot-31 *
Rickman, Mildred, b. 1907, d. 1908, child of Lyman, East Sec Lot-31
Rohr, Grandma, b. 1894, d. 1936, board on metal rod, (Mary Skillings Wright Rohr), East Sec Lot-5
Sims, Jack T, b. Feb 10, 1935, d. Jul 13, 1996, Beloved Husband and Father, West Sec Lot-25
Smith, Donald Edwin, b. Dec 26, 1927, d. Dec 28, 1982, CMCN US Navy WWII, Aisle, NE End
Smith, Stuart E, b. Sep 03, 1961, d. May 24, 2004, metal FH marker, Aisle, NW End
Smith, William, no dates, East Sec Lot-41
Sollie, Steve, no dates, West Sec Lot-13
Stapleton, James S, b. 1954, d. 1992, West Sec Lot-41
Steele, Arthur F, b. 1906, d. 1943, West Sec Lot-30
Steele, Bessie, b. 1878, d. 1947, Mother, West Sec Lot-31
Steele, Glen, d. 1955, West Sec Lot-35 *
Steele, Helen, d. 1953, West Sec Lot-35
Steele, W. N. 'Ben', b. Nov 30, 1856, d. Dec 28, 1927, West Sec Lot-31-32
Steele, William Clark, d. Aug 14, 1955?
Suits, Pearl Hudlow, b. May 12, 1890, d. Dec 07, 1944, Mother, East Sec Lot-35
Symons, Laveta, b. 1940, d. 2004, West Sec Lot-22
Thorp, Baby, no dates, child of Tom, West Sec Lot-14
Wahl, Louis, b. Nov 01, 1828, d. Sep 22, 1901, West Sec Lot-16
Williams, Raymond, d. 1937, West Sec Lot-14

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