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USCC Cemetery (Sion Cemetery)
Grand Forks, Kootenay Boundary, British Columbia, Canada

At the west end, by the storage building is a memorial plaque in both Russian and English, commemorating the Centennial of the Doukhobor Migration to Canada which reads:

"Here rest the remains of the Doukhobor Christian Pacifists who came to Canada from Russia in 1899 because of persecution for their life concept and refusal to bear arms. Guided by their belief in "Toil and Peaceful Life" They and their decendants overcame hardships, maintained their spiritual and cultural integrity, and contributed to the development of the young country that gave them refuge. Now Mother Earth has reclaimed the remains of these "Spirit Wrestlers" and their souls have returned home to rest eternally in God's Heavenly Kingdom. May their legacy inspire future generations to continue the struggle for peace and freedom. 1899-1999"

Photograph Copyright 2004, Maggie Rail

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