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Yarraman Cemetery
Rosalie Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 26° 52' 21"S, Lon: 151° 57' 51"E

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, Jul 01, 2002, last edited Feb 08, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 289.

From town take the New England Rd., from there it is about 4.7 Km to the cemetery.

I walked this cemetery on Jun 08, 2002. I used my digital camera, taking photos of all the markers, and will share if I have one. A few did not take well thus the need of a notepad.

When I say photo on a listing, this means there is a photo of the person on the headstone.

- Maggie Rail

* = later entry, no photo
b. = born
d. = died
f/o = father of
h/o = husband of
m/o = mother of
s/w = stone with
w/o = wife of

Anderson, Kathleen E, b. 1894, d. 1943, my dear wife
Anthony, Roy William, d. Feb 03, 1995, age 74yr, ashes
Atkinson, William Henry, d. Jan 16, 1967, age 54yr, My brother
Backen, Mary Bulloch, b. 1877, d. 1948
Ballinger, Cecil Eric, d. Apr 07, 2001, age 84yr
Ballinger, Edward William, d. May 31, 1991, age 83yr, photo
Ballinger, Estelle May, d. Jan 30, 1997, age 87yr, photo
Ballinger, George H. T., b. Aug 21, 1899, d. Feb 06, 1972, s/w Ivy M his wife
Ballinger, Ivy M, b. Sep 16, 1904, d. May 21, 1997, s/w and w/o George H.T.
Ballinger, Mabel Bella, d. Sep 24, 1998, age 85yr
Barnes, Annie Irene, b. Jun 30, 1914, d. Nov 11, 1994, s/by Herbert, Our dear mother, mother in law, gmother and ggmother
Barnes, Herbert Joseph, b. Sep 21, 1912, d. Aug 09, 1992, Husband, Father, Father in law and Poppy
Bell, James, d. Apr 25, 1990, age 58yr
Bevin, David Charles, b. Feb 16, 1925, d. Jul 05, 1997
Black, Vada May Juillerat, b. Sep 08, 1927, d. Oct 16, 2000, w/o Errol, m/o Diane, gm/o Amamda, ashes
Blomberg, Adolfo Roberto Manuel, b. Oct 02, 1929, d. Nov 04, 1984, h/o Patricia, f/o Larry
Brennan, Leslie Thomas, d. Mar 03, 1996, age 80yr
Brown, Ada Angelena, d. May 27, 1997, age 90yr, Our dear Mother, s/w John Henry
Brown, Arthur, d. Jun 13, 1969, age 84yr, s/w Rose, Her dear husband
Brown, John Henry, d. Apr 07, 1975, age 71yr, Husband and father, s/w Ada Angelena
Brown, Rose Anna, d. Jul 14, 1965, age 90yr, My dear wife, s/w Arthur
Busiko, Elizabeth Anne, d. Nov 01, 1991, age 38yr, photo, dear wife and mother
Butler, Christina Leanne, d. May 09, 1991, Our Baby daughter
Butler, Elizabeth Doris, d. Dec 10, 1999, age 89yr, dear mother, grandma and ggrandma, s/w Roy
Butler, Lyall Ivan, b. Jan 01, 1937, d. Jun 02, 1999, h/o Bella, f/o Rodney
Butler, Roy Closbourne, d. Jun 02, 1989, age 77yr, husband, father, grandad, s/w Elizabeth
Callaghan, Haidee Mabel, d. Jul 16, 1997, w/o George, m/o Susan and David
Callaghan, O. G., d. Jun 10, 1986, age 82yr, QX8540 1/1 Tank Attack Regiment R.A.A, h/o Haidee and f/o Susan and David
Callaghan, Owen J, d. Nov 20, 1939, age 3yr, our dear son
Carpenter, Henrietta J, d. Jun 01, 1953, age 71yr, dear wife
Cochrane, H. E., d. Aug 25, 1999, age 84yr, VX110060 Corporal Corps of Signals
Collins, Roy Herbert, b. Feb 02, 1916, d. Jul 24, 1996
Cook, Jesse, d. Feb 28, 1948, age 56yr, s/w Louisa, My dear Husband and our Father
Cook, Louisa, d. Mar 24, 1969, age 87yr, s/w Jesse, Mother
Cook, Sydney Jesse, d. Jul 25, 1988, age 82yr, husband, father, grandfather and ggrandfather, photo
Corbett, Schloss Ethel Emma 'Corbett', d. Aug 13, 1995, age 91yr, s/w Thomas Corbett
Corbett, Thomas, d. Jul 28, 1955, age 64, s/w & h/o Ethel Emma
Coyne, Leonard W, d. May 27, 1943, age 3yr, s/by Leslie, son and brother
Coyne, Leslie J, d. May 26, 1951, age 4yr, son and brother
Crawford, Averine Beatrix, d. May 20, 1961, our dear mother
Crawford, Hugh Brown, d. Dec 03, 1933, age 59yr
Crook, Graham, d. Jun 02, 1988, age 42yr
Cross, Elsie May, d. Dec 03, 1984, age 74yr, s/w Wm Joseph, Our Mother
Cross, William Joseph, d. Jun 03, 1969, age 70yr, my dear husband and our father, s/w Elsie
Dale, Hilda J, d. Apr 01, 1975, age 72yr, dear wife and mother
Dale, Leslie J, d. Mar 24, 1977, age 77yr, s/w Hilda J, dear father
Dale, Neal Leslie, d. Mar 24, 1994, age 69yr, Our beloved father now with mum and dad
Davies, Janice, b. Dec 22, 1938, d. Jan 19, 1999, aged 60yr, Our mother, mother-in-law, nana and great-nana, ashes
Dioth, Elizabeth Wilhelmina, d. Jan 18, 1974, Our Dear Mother
Dioth, Eric Percy, d. Aug 02, 1975, age 62yr, Husband, Father, father in law and Poppy, photo
Dioth, Fredrich Wilhelm, d. May 09, 1971, age 77yr, My dear Husband and our father
Dioth, Leonard John, b. Aug 21, 1939, d. Apr 11, 1995
Dioth, Ronald Frederick, b. Aug 26, 1923, d. Nov 09, 1982, age 59yr
Dommett, Iris Thelma, d. Nov 14, 1990, age 67yr, Dear mother, grandmother and ggrandmother, ashes, This columbarium was built by her husband in her memory.
Donald, Daphne, d. Mar 01, 1997, age 90yr, d/o & s/w Albert Joseph and Amelia Schultz
Douglass, Jaemie Dean, b. Nov 11, 1971, d. 1980?, wooden cross hand written, dim to read
Douglass, John Crawford, d. Aug 13, 1982, age 41yr, Husband, father and grandfather, photo
Douglass, Percy Charles Porter, d. Jun 26, 1983, age 78yr, husband, father and grandfather
Douglass, William James, d. Dec 24, 1986, age 44yr, My dear husband, father, son and brother
Eadie, Colin Charles, d. Jul 24, 2001, age 69yr, dear husband, father and 'Pa', s/w Thelma
Eadie, Thelma Margaret, d. Sep 09, 1982, age 51yr, dear wife and mother, 'Gran'
Elton, Elaine Mary, b. Aug 14, 1937, d. Aug 04, 1996, w/o Michael, m/o Karyn and Jennifer, photo
Elver, Sydney Robert, d. Apr 07, 1963, youngest son of Yarraman pioneer, Our dear brother and step-father
Elver, Veronica Minnie, d. Jun 30, 1957, age 59yr, s/by Sydney, dear wife and mother
Emmert, Mary Rebecca, d. Oct 30, 1993, age 82yr, s/w William George
Emmert, Robert Malcolm, b. 1924, d. 1983, husband, father and grandfather
Emmert, William George, d. Aug 05, 1967, age 59yr, s/w Mary Rebecca
Frohloff, Gordon Edwin, b. Jun 12, 1921, d. Jul 28, 1999, age 78yr, h/o Hazel, f/o Allan Trevor Fay Beryl Lorelle Delmae
Frohloff, Hermann 'Harry' August, d. Feb 18, 1985, age 69yr, Husband, Father and Grandfather
Frohloff, Mary, d. Jul 02, 1968, age 78yr, Dear wife and mother
Frohloff, Rebecca, d. Sep 13, 1995, age 88yr, Our dear Mother, s/w Theodore Herman
Frohloff, Theodore Herman, d. May 19, 1971, age 77yr, dear husband and our father
Frohloff, Wilhelm Friedrich, d. May 08, 1986, age 94yr 9mo, Our dear father, s/w mary
Gardner, Henry William, b. Aug 08, 1914, d. Oct 20, 1992, age 78yr, husband, father, grandfather and brother
Gardner, Isabel, b. Dec 04, 1909, d. Sep 12, 1998, w/o Joseph, photo
Gardner, Joseph, b. May 26, 1908, d. Jan 01, 2000, h/o Isabel, photo
Gautrey, Kathleen Frances, d. Jul 01, 1999, age 75yr
Gibson, Alice Mary, b. Oct 18, 1903, d. Aug 10, 2000, photo
Gibson, Dorothy, d. Apr 04, 1933?, age 88??, can't read good
Gibson, Edward Charles, d. Nov 25, 1989, age 57yrs/w Ernest Edward
Gibson, Ernest Albert, b. Sep 20, 1924, d. Sep 10, 1989, Our dear father
Gibson, Ernest Edward, d. Oct 17, 1977, age: 86yr, s/w Edward Charles
Gibson, Harold James, d. Aug 21, 1981, age 54yr, s/w Irene May
Gibson, Irene May Knowles, d. Apr 08, 1954, age 92?yr, s/w Harold James
Gibson, Rupert Victor, b. Nov 14, 1995, d. Apr 24, 1936, ashes
Gierke, Alvine Louisa, d. Nov 15, 1985, age 83yr, s/w & w/o Herman
Gierke, Herman Albert, d. May 16, 1988, age 87yr, s/w & h/o Alvine
Gilbert, Kevin James, b. Oct 17, 1947, d. Aug 28, 1993, Beloved Husband, father and son, ashes
Green, Beryl Mercer, d. Apr 01, 2008, bur. Jul 01, 2008, 1st w/o George Mercer, per Sherilyn Bowie
Grieve, Douglas Henry, d. Nov 04, 1978, age 57yr, dear husband and father
Grosskopf, Benjamin Frederich, d. Sep 19, 1985, age 83yr, s/w Emilie Anna, Our dear Father
Grosskopf, Emilie Anna, d. May 26, 1963, age 60yr, My dear wife and our mother, s/w Benjamin
Hamlin, Thomas Harold, d. Jun 15, 1996, age 79yr
Hanger, Hazel Phyllis 'Eileen', b. Jan 09, 1927, d. Sep 01, 2000, w/o Robert, m/o Kathleen, Pauline and Mark
Harland, Albert, d. Feb 19, 1948, age 61yr, s/w Sarah, our dear parents
Harland, George Robert, b. 1897, d. 1975, s/w Thelma, Our Father
Harland, Harold, d. Apr 11, 1982, age 56yr, husband and father
Harland, NOrman, d. Mar 19, 1977, age 48yr
Harland, Sarah Isabel, d. Jan 11, 1945, age 59yr, s/w Albert
Harland, Thelma, b. 1901, d. 1963, s/w George, My dear wife and our mother
Harley, Kathleen Leah, d. Jun 29, 1997, age 81yr, wife and mother
Hartwig, Barry, d. Jul 19, 1970, age 21yr
Hayes, Catherine E. M., d. Sep 16, 1957, age 74yr, Mother
Hayes, Roderick, d. Feb 04, 1946, age: 66yr
Heenan, Elsie Thelma, d. Jul 23, 1973, age 73yr
Heenan, Herbert, d. Feb 14, 1969, age 59yr
Heenan, Michael Joseph, d. Jul 07, 1967, age 66yr, Dear Husband and Father
Hiesler, Janet, d. Dec 27, 1967, age 74yr, Our dear mother
Hiesler, Norman, d. May 15, 1984, age 64yr, Our dear father
Himstedt, Charles Walter, d. Aug 11, 2001, age 95yr
Hinton, Glenda Joan, b. Jul 23, 1960, d. Mar 31, 1995, w/o Noel, m/o Pam and Jenni, photo
Hobbs, Rose, d. Dec 29, 1994, age 88yr, s/w and w/o Thomas
Hobbs, Thomas William, d. Feb 16, 1980, age 82yr, s/w and h/o Rose
Hoffman, Clara Loveday, d. Jun 30, 1997, age 96yr, beloved w/o & s/w Rudolph
Hoffman, Rudolph Herbert, d. Jan 07, 1980, age 86yr, s/w Clara, Beloved h/o Clara
Holmes, Louisa Lucy, b. Feb 02, 1902, d. Aug 18, 1982, Mother, mother-in-law and grandmother, s/w and w/o Samuel
Holmes, Samuel Henry, b. Jun 03, 1901, d. Nov 01, 1989, Husband, s/w and h/o Louisa
Hughes, Bevin Wallace, d. Aug 15, 1997, age 52yr, photo
Hull, Shane Christopher, d. May 14, 1996, age 34yr, Son and grandson
Hyde, Walter William, b. 1912, d. 1968, husband and father
Jacobsen, Bertha Mathilde, d. Sep 17, 1991, age 90yr, Mother, s/w Martin
Jacobsen, Hans Girt, b. Denmark, d. 1943 Yarraman
Jacobsen, Martin E, d. Sep 09, 1968, Husband and Father, s/w Bertha
Johnston, James A. M., d. Jul 26, 1968, age 57yr, My dear husband and our father
Jones, Henry Thomas, b. Oct 08, 1907, d. Sep 14, 1976, 'Pop'
Juillerat, Ivy May Domjahn, b. Aug 25, 1904, d. Mar 23, 1997, dear Mother, Nan and great-nan
Juillerat, Leslie Gordon, b. Feb 09, 1901, d. Jun 01, 1997, Dear Father, Pop and Great-pop
Kajewski, Isabel, b. Jan 05, 1915, d. Nov 15, 1989
Keegan, Evelyn, b. 1920, d. 2000, Our dear Mum
Kent, Angela Vento, b. 1947, d. 1998
King, Alick James, d. Jan 28, 1975, age 75yr
King, Mavis Anne, d. May 20, 1995, age 84yr, wife and mother
Kirkland, Cassandra Lee, d. Apr 21, 1989
Knowles, Irene May, d. May 11, 1984, age: 58yr
Kruger, Francis Joseph, d. Aug 24, 1976, age 67yr, husband and father
Kruger, Mervin Andrew, d. Nov 09, 1961, age 39yr, Husband and Daddy
Kruger, Vincent, b. Aug 29, 1917, d. Dec 13, 1992, age 75yr
Kuss, Anna Emily, d. Oct 08, 1966, age 77yr, dear mother, s/w and w/o Charles Wm
Kuss, Charles William, d. Mar 04, 1953, dear husband and father, s/w and h/o Anna
Lougheed, Catherine, d. Jun 05, 1952, age 64yr, dear wife and mother, s/w William H
Lougheed, Ella Christine, d. Apr 23, 1967, age 63yr, Our dear mother and grandmother, ashes
Lougheed, George William 'Bill', d. Mar 06, 1965, age 61yr, Our dear father and grandfather, Mason, ashes
Lougheed, Leslie Francis, d. Feb 17, 1971, age 65yr, dear husband and father, s/w Lucy Ada
Lougheed, Lucy Ada, d. Nov 11, 1987, age 84yr, s/w Leslie, Our dear Mother
Lougheed, William H, d. May 16, 1954, age 76yr, s/w and h/o Catherine
Loveday, C. V., d. Aug 31, 1998, age 75yr, Q128142 Private Army Service Corps, h/o Joyce, f/o Lance, Colin, David
Loveday, Henry G, d. Oct 11, 1964, age 80yr, s/w Marie, My dear husband
Loveday, Marie E, d. Oct 10, 1986, age 95yr, s/w Henry G, Our dear Mother
Lucas, A. C. D. 'Charlie', d. NOv 11, 1988, age 64yr, dear husband and father
MacDonald, Angus, d. Aug 26, 1954, age 73yr, No 241 12th M.G.Coy 1st A.I.F.
Mahony, Christine Mary, d. Oct 15, 1966, Beloved daughter and sister
Mahony, Thomas B., d. Feb 04, 1988, age 61yr, Able Seaman B5075 Royal Australian Naval Reserve, h/o Betty, f/o Kerry, Sharyn and Christine
Marchant, Victor Stanley, d. Sep 29, 2001, age 89yr, ashes
Markwell, Barbara Ann, b. Jun 06, 1951, d. Apr 20, 2000, age 48yr, m/o Tracy and Richard, photo
Matthews, Edwin Alexander, d. Aug 07, 1995, age 84yr, mason, husband and father
McAlister, Melissa Joy, b. Feb 13, 1973, d. Aug 03, 1996, age 23yr, Our dear daughter and sister
McClear, Lavina, d. Feb 18, 1987, age 78yr, My dear wife and our mother, s/w Wm Carlyle
McClear, William Carlyle, d. Mar 26, 1991, age 82yr, Our dear father, s/w Lavina
McNalty, Alick, d. Sep 16, 1986, age 81yr, s/w George and Daisy
McNalty, Daisy Amelia, d. Oct 27, 1997, age 83yr, s/w George and Alick
McNalty, George Blair, d. Nov 25, 1966, age 56yr, My dear husband and my father, s/w Alic and Daisy
McNalty, James Blair, d. Dec 08, 1994, age 58yr, My dear husband and our father
Mercer, George, b. Sep 02, 1926, d. Mar 18, 1982, photo
Moloney, Merlene Dawn, d. Jun 16, 1973, age 23yr, My dear wife and my mother
Montague, Audrey Joyce Bourne, b. Feb 28, 1934, d. Sep 08, 1999, w/o Terry, m/o Helen and Bryan
Mowat, Catherine Anne, no dates, age 2yr
Mowat, Eliza, b. 1846 Orkney, Scotland, d. Mar 15, 1934, age 88yr
Mowat, Jane Smith, d. Aug 21, 1988, age 83yr, s/w & w/o Magnus
Mowat, Joyce, b. Feb 09, 1936 Kingaroy, d. Jun 01, 1996 Yarraman
Mowat, Magnus, b. 1843, Orkney, Scotland, d. Mar 26, 1909, age 66yr, s/by Eliza
Mowat, Magnus, d. Aug 26, 1943, age 61yr, s/w and h/o Jane
Mowat, William Adamson, b. Jun 09, 1878, d. Sep 05, 1920, late A.I.F.
Murphy, John J, d. Feb 05, 1970, age 74yr
Nicholls, Peggie, d. May 14, 1994, age 80yr, ashes
Nowland, Clara, d. Jul 23, 1959, age 75yr, s/w Harrie Howard
Nowland, Harrie Howard, d. Oct 31, 1952, age 68yr, s/w Clara
O'Neill, Albert Joseph, d. Dec 05, 1984, age 94yr, Dear Husband, Father and Grandfather
Otto, Leslie Frank, b. Aug 19, 1938, d. Feb 27, 1997, photo
Parker, Thomas Morris, b. May 31, 1929, d. May 22, 1997
Perkins, Dorothy Johanna Wolski, b. Jun 18, 1920, d. Nov 22, 1997, photo
Pirie, Eliza Ann, d. Jan 29, 1957
Pirie, Robert Hill, d. Apr 29, 1957
Pollitt, Irene Leah Ann, d. Feb 08, 1978, age 81yr
Polzin, Ivy May, d. NOv 12, 1993, age 78yr, dear wife, mother, mother in law, grandmother and ggrandmother, photo
Postle, Jack Lloyd, b. Mar 15, 1920, d. Jul 18, 1994, age 74yr, My husband, father, grand-dad and ggrand-dad
Power, Edmond Joseph, d. Jul 16, 1971, age 73yr, My dear Husband, our father
Profke, Adolf Carl, d. Jul 19, 1972, age 71yr, My dear Husband and our father
Profke, Hilda Louisa, d. Oct 15, 1983, age 80yr, Our Mother, s/w Adolf Carl
Profke, Shirley M, d. Oct 27, 1947, age 10yr, s/w Lynette Sternberg
Pukallus, Edwin Edward, d. Feb 20, 1983, age 79yr, My dear Husband and our father, s/w Leila
Pukallus, Graham Edward, d. Jun 23, 1977, age 30yr, h/o Mary
Pukallus, Leila Isobel Julia, d. May 01, 2001, age 89yr, s/w Edwin her husband
Richards, Margaret Bernice, b. Jan 25, 1933, d. Nov 12, 1996, w/o Terry, m/o Terry, Maureen, Pat, Kath, David
Robinson, Barry Arthur, d. Aug 03, 1975, ashes
Robinson, Cornelius Henry 'Con', b. Aug 13, 1910, d. Nov 21, 1994
Roginson, George Allan, d. Feb 18, 1999, age 95yr, dear husband and father
Roginson, Violet Johanna, d. Sep 07, 2001, age 100yr, Our Dear Mother, s/by George
Rolfe, Marianne Joy, d. Jul 05, 1993, age 55yr, w/o William Francis
Ryan, Lillian Beryl, d. Jun 12, 1982, age 75yr
Ryan, William, d. Apr 23, 1979, age 74yr, s/by Lillian
Ryziuk, Wasyl, b. Jun 27, 1925, d. Feb 28, 1994, My loving husband, our father and grand-dad
Sampson, Elizabeth June, d. Apr 16, 1994, age 66yr, My dear wife, our mother and mother in law
Sander, Bertha Johanna, d. Jun 24, 1983, age 80yr, Our dear mother
Sander, Donald, d. Jun 26, 1977, age 46yr
Sander, Leslie, d. Sep 12, 1976, age 56yr, s/by Donald
Schadwell, Arthur Mervyn 'Merv', b. Aug 15, 1914, d. Jan 19, 2001
Schefe, Ivy, d. Jul 07, 1985, age 82yr, s/w Victor, our dear mother
Schefe, Victor Herman, no dates, aged 63yr, s/w Ivy, My dear Husband and our father
Scherin, Kerry Barry, b. Mar 10, 1972, d. Apr 18, 1972
Schloss, Dulcie Rose, d. Dec 01, 1962, age 60yr, s/w & w/o Herbert
Schloss, Herbert Friederich, d. Nov 25, 1990, age 89yr, s/w and h/o Dulcie
Schloss, Ian Richard, d. Jun 13, 1966, age: 16yr, beloved son and brother
Schultz, Albert Joseph, d. May 15, 1957, age 77yr, s/w Amelia
Schultz, Amelia, d. Feb 18, 1959, age 70yr, s/w Albert
Schultz, Herbert Lawrence, d. Dec 11, 1994, age 82yr, My dear husband, our father and grandfather, QX59243 12th AAM Platoon
Schwerin, Agnes Christina, d. Nov 01, 1991, age 84yr, Our Dear Mother, s/by Henry
Schwerin, Conelia, d. Jun 25, 1988, age 76yr, wife, mother and nanna
Schwerin, Edith Agnes, d. Aug 08, 1962, age 38yr, dear wife and mother, s/w Eric
Schwerin, Eric George, d. Feb 26, 1997, age 82yr, dear father, grand and great grandfather, s/w Edith
Schwerin, Henry Frederick, d. Mar 21, 1985, age 83yr, Dear husband and our father, s/by Agnes
Schwerin, Les, b. May 17, 1935, d. Jun 16, 1996, Forestry Worker
Seeley, Bertha, d. Jul 05, 1964, age 87yr, A pioneer of the district, s/w and w/o Robert
Seeley, Robert, d. Jul 28, 1959, age 77yr, A pioneer of the district, s/w & h/o Bertha
Selby, Ruby Rosa, b. 1907, d. 1985, Our dear mother
Shadwell, Eileen, d. Dec 18, 2004, bur. Dec 22, 2004, Loved w/o Ronald Shadwell *
Shadwell, Ethel May, d. Jul 02, 1966, age 72yr, dear wife and mother, s/w Richard
Shadwell, Richard Arthur, d. Jul 20, 1992, age 98yr, s/w Ethel, dear father
Shadwell, Ronald James, d. Dec 02, 1981, age 62, h/o Eileen
Sharp, Melva Elaine, d. Apr 03, 1998, age 57yr
Shell, Gordon, b. 1934, d. 1991
Simich, Henry Rudolph 'Harry', b. Jun 03, 1918, d. Jun 10, 1997, s/w and h/o Marian
Simich, Marian Rose, b. Dec 01, 1920, d. Oct 08, 1998, s/w and w/o Henry
Smith, Aagje deVries, b. 1910 Amsterdam, Holland, d. Jul 14, 1997, s/w & w/o Harry Lawrence, Teacher, m/o Nancy, Jennifer, David, Harry and Thomas
Smith, Harry Lawrence 'Son', b. 1906 Essex, England, d. May 29, 1967, s/w & h/o Aagje deVries, Farmer, f/o Nancy, Jennifer, David, Harry and Thomas
Smith, Henry V, d. Oct 18, 1941, age 77yr
Smith, Lane Bradley, d. Jul 04, 1996, s/o Ashley and Mary
Smith, Roland Joseph, d. Mar 1974, age 53yr
Spencer, George Douglas 'Doug', b. Sep 07, 1922, d. May 07, 1994, 71yr old, AIF, photo
Stermberg, Anna Louise, b. 1886, d. 1952, 2 markers, My dear wife and our mother, s/w Albert
Sternberg, Albert Christin, d. Jul 31, 1997, age 84yr, dear husband, father, grandfather and ggrandfather, ashes
Sternberg, Albert, b. 1881, d. 1961, Our dear Father, s/w Anna Louise
Sternberg, Colin John, b. Apr 26, 1942, d. Nov 07, 1998, dear son, brother and uncle, ashes
Sternberg, Jason Leslie, d. Mar 16, 1976, Baby son
Sternberg, Lynette, d. Jun 10, 1951, age 11mo, s/w Shirley M Profke
Sternberg, Mervyn Leslie, b. 1924, d. 1982, Dear Husband, Father and Grandad
Sternberg, William Albert, d. Aug 22, 1968, age 59yr, Husband and father, QX58669 24 Aust Eqpt Pk Coy ?A.E.
Stimpson, Jacqueline Ellen, d. Feb 19, 1986, age 27yr
Stimpson, Joseph, d. Aug 19, 1987, age 88yr,s/w Martha
Stimpson, Martha Amy, d. Nov 10, 1969, age: 79yr, dear mother, s/w Joseph
Stinson, Young Sam, b. Aug 13, 1981, d. Jul 19, 2001, difficult to decipher
Sutcliffe, Gordon, d. Nov 29, 1984, age 72yr, Dear husband, father and grandfather
Thacker, Dorothy, d. Mar 23, 1997, age 93yr, Our dear mother
Thacker, Ernest William, d. Mar 31, 1987, age 59yr, My dear husband and our father, Mason
Thacker, William Charles, d. Aug 17, 1965, age 70yr, My dear husband and our father
Thiemann, Caroline, b. 1888, d. 1962, Our dear Mother, s/w William
Thiemann, Christopher 'Goobie', b. Sep 06, 1957, d. Feb 14, 1984
Thiemann, Gordon, b. Sep 10, 1918, d. Jul 28, 1981, s/w Joan
Thiemann, Joan 'Mut', b. May 22, 1924, d. Jun 28, 1992, s/w Gordon
Thiemann, William, b. 1880, d. 1955, My dear husband and our father, s/w Caroline
Thomson, Ethel Ruth, d. Dec 29, 1977, age 91yr, Our Dear Mother
Thomson, Francis J, d. Dec 11, 1944, age 58yr, My dear husband and our father
Vento, Frank, b. 1922, d. 1995, photo
Warner, Julie, no dates, white wooden cross
Watson, Emma Agnes, d. Jul 29, 1982, age 80yr, s/w Walter, Dear Mother and Nana
Watson, Kevin, b. Jun 05, 1928, d. Sep 14, 1981, s/w and b/o Stanley
Watson, Stanley, b. Dec 22, 1924, d. Dec 25, 1983, s/w and b/o Kevin
Watson, Walter, d. Feb 16, 1967, age 83yr, dear husband and father, s/w Emma Agnes
Webber, Doug, d. Aug 07, 1986
Weier, Howard Henry, b. Aug 07, 1939, d. Sep 12, 1998, photo
Weldon, Arthur Norman, b. 1918, d. 1998, Beloved Husband, Father and grandfather
Weldon, Beryl, b. 1917, d. 1997, Beloved wife, mother and grandmother, s/by Arthur
White, John Rex, d. Feb 13, 1999, age 75yr
Wilkins, Henry Gordon, d. Jun 07, 1974, age 46yr, dear husband and father
Williams, Daphne May, d. Jul 11, 1986, age 76yr
Williamson, Henry, d. Apr 18, 1967, age 62yr, QX541 2/9 Aust Inf Bn, dear husband
Wilson, Roger Eric Ness, d. Mov 21, 1984, age 71yr, my dear husband and our father
Wolski, Victor, b. Sep 19, 1912, d. Oct 27, 1990, photo
Wright, Emily Clara, d. Jan 10, 1991, age 96yr, Our dear Mother, s/w James
Wright, James, d. Aug 06, 1973, age 85yr, My dear Husband and my father, s/w Emily
Wright, Jennifer Beryl Upsdell, d. Jul 31, 1999, age 62yr, w/o Jerry, m/o Peter, Susan, Geoffrey, Lyn and Simon
Wyatt, Henry I, d. Oct 03, 1951, age 44yr
Wyvill, Ada Lousia, d, Jan 01, 1951, age 63yr, s/w Andrew
Wyvill, Andrew James, d. Jun 21, 1958, age 80yr, s/w Ada Lousia
Wyvill, Claude Robert, d. Feb 01, 1960, age 43yr, dear husband and father, ashes
Wyvill, Evelyn Caroline, b. Dec 01, 1919, d. Jun 01, 1991, photo, dear Mother, mother in law, nanna and great nanna
Wyvill, Pte Edward K, d. Jan 30, 1941, age 22yr, late 2nd A.I.F.
Zimmerman, Alfred, b. 1911, d. 1985, s/by Delphine
Zimmerman, Delphine E, b. 1915, d. 1963
Zimmerman, Valmai, d. Jul 10, 1951, age 5yr

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