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Blackbutt-Benarkin Cemetery
Nanango Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 26° 53' 17"S, Lon 152° 07' 34"E

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, Jun 08, 2002, last edited Feb 08, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 398.

This cemetery can be reached by taking the D'Aguilar Hwy south from Yarraman, to Blackbutt, continuing for a short distance. The cemetery lies between Blackbutt and Benarkin on the north side of the Highway.

This cemetery is shared by two small communities, Blackbutt and Benarkin, which are situated in the north foothills of the Blackbutt Range, in the hoop pine forest area.

The cemetery is well maintained, with a great deal of room for more burials. It is fenced on all sides, and one will find many of the monumental type markers. There are the newer lawn type being used on the one side.

I am not sure who maintains this cemetery. I suspect it might be the Nanango Shire Council, but found no evidence of that at the cemetery.

I walked and read this cemetery on Jun 08, 2002, with Joy Byrne as my chauffeur. While I used my digital camera to photograph all the markers, Joy sometimes copied the hard to read stones by hand, in case I could not get a good photo. There were still a few we could not decipher, or some without markers.

This includes all existing and legible stones and markers up to Aug 07, 2008, when Rhonda Demarco at <deminc@optusnet.com.au> provided me with an update for this cemetery. I have identified her entries with her initials. She also has photos of all of the headstones.

- Maggie Rail

b. = born
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
f/o = father of
mo = month
photo = photo on stone
[RD] = additions by Rhonda Demarco
s/o = son of
s/w = stone or shared with
yr = year

Abbott, William Thomas, b. Feb 26, 1939, d. Aug 09, 1998, Loving Husband, Father and grandfather
Allan, John, b. Aug 25, 1947, d. Apr 22, 2007, [RD]
Allery, Doris Emily, d. Oct 16, 1968, age: 61yr, s/w Sidney, photo
Allery, Kevin Sydney, b. Jun 24, 1927, d. Jun 10, 2005, our Dear Husband father & Pa, photo inset, [RD]
Allery, Sidney Joseph, d. Aug 15, 1979, age: 74yr, s/w Doris, photo
Almond, Ellen, d. Aug 13, 2000, age: 99yr, dear mother and grandmother, s/w Stanley
Almond, Neville Stanley Frank, d. May 1994, age: 61yr, h/o Beverley, f/o Ross and Gay
Almond, Stanley Marks, d. Jun 24, 1960, age: 69yr, dear husband and father, s/w Ellen
Andrews, Ernest Bradley, d. Jan 24, 1984, age: 71yr
Andrews, Ida May, d. Feb 02, 1986, age: 62yr, s/by James
Andrews, James, d. Jun 19, 1970, age: 49yr, My dear Husband, s/by Ida May
Andrews, Jane Elizabeth, b. Jun 12, 1916, d. Oct 17, 1992, s/w Stephen Ronald
Andrews, Stephen Ronald, b. Jan 31, 1943, d. Jan 02, 1963, s/w Jane Elizabeth, taken suddenly, s/o Jane
Anger, Eliza Jane, d. Jul 15, 1995, age: 86yr, Our dear Mother, s/w Joseph Frederick
Anger, Joseph Frederick, d. Mar 17, 1979, age: 74yr, My dear husband and our father, s/w Eliza Jane
Argent, Doreen Ivy, d. Aug 12, 1985, age: 47yr
Argent, Rex Oliver, d. Sep 03, 1987, age: 53yr
Armour, Enid Elizabeth, d. May 16, 1994, age: 74yr
Arnold, Allan John, d. Feb 09, 1976, age: 80yr, My dear Uncle
Aschmies, Fritz H, b. Apr 06, 1924, d. Feb 25, 1990
Ashby, Ernest George, b. Feb 26, 1893 Kent England, d. Oct 15, 1970 Brisbane, Our dear uncle
Badke, Audrey Joy, d. Apr 15, 1961, age: 33yr, My dear wife and our mother
Badke, Colin Mervyn, d. Aug 13, 2006, age: 81yr 8mo, Dear brother and uncle, [RD]
Badke, Darryl Raymond, d. Aug 10, 1960, age: 19yr, Our dear son and brother
Badke, Herbert W, d. Jan 16, 1965, My dear Husband and our father, s/w Ivy A
Badke, Ivy A, d. May 16, 1992, age: 86yr, Our dear mother, s/by Herbert
Badke, Tareesa Margaret, b. May 30, 1962, d. Oct 30, 2000, Beloved wife and mother
Ballinger, Irene Maude, b. Jan 25, 1926, d. Aug 09, 1992, w/o Frank, m/o Lynette, Beverly, Gary, Raymond, Wayne, Neville, Shane and Debra
Balser, John Allen, d. Jan 10, 1948, age: 14yr
Bambling, Thomas Clarence, d. Dec 05, 1998, age: 73yr, h/o Osita
Barke, Janine Kay, b. Aug 18, 1963, d. Jul 14, 1996, Dearly loved Mother, daughter, sister and aunt, photo
Beckett, Jack Weinholt, d, Jul 30, 1959, age: 65yr, My dear Husband and our Father
Beetham, David George, b. Aug 12, 1942, d. Aug 02, 2005, aged 62yr, s/w Raymond Douglas, [RD]
Beetham, Mervyn George, d. Mar 04, 1972, age: 55yr, dear Husband and father, s/w Violet Beetham Clark
Beetham, Raymond Douglas, no dates, s/w David George, [RD]
Beetham, Trevor Noel, d. Aug 17, 1962, age: 17yr, accident, our dear son and brother
Beitzel, Roy Edward, d. Dec 13, 2003, age: 63yr, sadly missed by wife and family, [RD]
Bennett, Brett Anthony, d. Feb 10, 1994, age: 23yr
Besserer, Agnes C, d. May 24, 1942, age: 60yr, dear wife and mother, s/w empty
Besserer, Arthur, b. 1882, d. 1952, Loving Husband and father
Bidgood, Russel Charles, d. Apr 21, 2006, age: 74yr, [RD]
Bidgood, Trevise Neal, b. Apr 15, 1933, d. Jul 04, 2003, h/o Gail, f/o David & Phillip, son of Charlie & Liz, [RD]
Blue, Alexander, d. Jun 20, 2006, age: 75yr, [RD]
Blumson, Sonya Gay, d. Jul 31, 1983, age: 14yr, Beautiful daughter and Sister
Boldery, David John, no dates
Boldery, Ethel, d. Mar 29, 1986, age: 95yr, Our dear Mother, s/w James Robert
Boldery, James Robert, d. May 28, 1961, age: 72yr, s/w Ethel, My dear husband and our father
Boldery, Leslie James, d. Jul 07, 1986, age: 64yr
Boon, James, d. Mar 19, 1992, age: 86yr, h/o Ann
Bowman, Clive Harding, d. Apr 23, 1994, age: 64yr, photo
Bowman, Emily Georgina, d. Mar 11, 1984, s/w Thomas, Our dear parents
Bowman, Thomas, d. Aug 15, 1945, s/w Emily Georgina, our dear parents
Brock, Ida Phyllis, b. Apr 30, 1926, d. Jan 15, 2001, photo
Brooks, Elaine Daphne, d. Apr 02, 1973, age: 42yr, My dear wife and our mother
Buchholz, Gustav Frederick 'Fred', b. Dec 05, 1929, d. Feb 22, 1997, h/o Ida, f/o Gloria, Paul and Helen
Buck, Albert Lawrence, b. May 24, 1914, d. Feb 13, 1992, ashes, plaque s/w Gertrude, [RD]
Buck, Gertrude Clarris, b. Nov 18, 1914, d. Feb 02, 2006, ashes, plaque s/w Albert, [RD]
Burchardt, H. F. W., d. 1937
Butler, Troy Robert, d. Aug 05, 1995, age: 18yr
Bygrave, Alice, d. Dec 12, 1901, age: 57yr, w/o & s/w Percy Edward
Bygrave, Edgar Roy, d. Mar 19, 1980, age: 65yr, h/o Jean, f/o Peter and Janelle
Bygrave, Percy Edward, no date, can't read dates, s/w Alice
Bygrave, Thelma Jean, d. Feb 26, 1996, age: 78yr, w/o & s/w Edgar Roy, m/o Peter and Janelle
Campbell, Lorraine Dawn, d. Jul 31, 1971, age: 34yr
Cantrill, Olwin May Packer, b. Jul 25, 1942, d. Aug 11, 2005, ashes, [RD]
Charlton, Alexander John 'Merv', d. Jul 03, 1991, age: 69yr, My dear Husband and our father
Charlton, Frank, d. Jul 26, 1967, age: 86yr, My dear Husband and our father
Charlton, Roy Francis 'Ron', d. Apr 09, 1991, age: 72yr, My dear Husband and our Father
Clark, Violet Kathleen Beetham, d. Apr 25, 1986, age: 68yr, Our Mother and Grandmother, s/w Mervin George Beetham
Codner, Frederick Charles, d. Feb 18, 1991, age: 76yr
Collins, Barbara Jean, b. Jun 19, 1929, d. Apr 12, 1999, My loving wife, our mother and grandmother, ashes
Corcoran, Edward, b. 1856, d. 1934, dear husband and father
Corcoran, Edward, d. Mar 20, 1978, Our dear brother, age: 71yr
Corcoran, Eileen, b. 1912, d. 1994
Corcoran, John Patrick, d. Jul 10, 1972, age: 62yr, Our dear brother
Corcoran, Katherine, d. Jun 21, 1963, age: 82yr, Our dear Mother
Corcoran, Thomas Vincent, d. Jan 27, 1987, age: 69yr, Our Dear Brother
Coulson, Elizabeth Frances, d. Nov 19, 1920, age: 65yr, My dear wife
Cox, Karen Anne, b. Feb 05, 1952, d. Oct 10, 1999
Cox, William Charles 'Neville', d. Mar 28, 2000, age: 67yr, Our dear brother
Crumpton, Jesse, b. 1852, d. 1925, s/w Nancy, My dear Husband
Crumpton, Nancy, d. Nov 01, 1946, age: 83yr, Dear Mother, s/w Jesse
Crumpton, Nellie, d. Nov 30, 1993, age: 89yr, Our dear Mother, s/w William John, photo
Crumpton, William John, d. Feb 27, 1983, age: 85yr, My Dear Husband and Our Father, s/w Nellie, photo
Dale, Diane Brenda, d. May 30, 2004, aged 53yr, Beloved wife, mother, Great Grandmother, ashes shared plaque with Scott James, [RD]
Dale, Scott James, d. Nov 08, 1969, age: 1mo, Beloved son, brother, plaque s/w Diane Brenda, [RD]
Davidson, Clarence Edward, d. May 25, 1998, age: 76yr
Day, C. J., d. Feb 28, 2004, age: 81yr, military forces badge 2/1 Aust General Hospital, [RD]
Dent, Brenda Florence, d. Aug 11, 2005, age: 80yr, Dear wife and our mother & grandmother, [RD]
Dent, Roy Patterson, d. 22 May 22, 2007, age: 84yr, Dear Husband & our father & grandfather, [RD]
Devanny, Edward Albert, b. 1919 Euroa Vic, d. 1996, Kingaroy Qld, h/o Jean
Dobe, Burnett, d. Apr 21, 1971, age: 76yr, My dear Husband and our father
Dobe, Violet Ann, d. May 09, 1988, age: 86yr, Our dear Mother, s/by Burnett
Dodt, Rita Florence, d. Oct 31, 1986, age: 49yr, w/o Paul, m/o only dau Naydean
Douglas, Alan, b. Jul 15, 1914, d. Oct 22, 1995, ashes
Douglas, George, d. Jul 16, 1971, 86yr, s/w Jean Violet
Douglas, Jean Violet, d. Aug 09, 1960, age: 79yr, My dear wife and our Mother, s/w George
Douglas, Leslie James, b. Jun 30, 1921, d. Nov 22, 2000, Beloved husband of Marj, ashes
Douglas, Marjory Joyce, b. Aug 24, 1921, d. Apr 03, 2005, ashes Beloved w/o Les, [RD]
Douglass, Clare, b. 1931, d. 1934
Douglass, James, d. May 09, 1976, age: 88yr
Douglass, John, d. Jan 11, 1927, age: 68yr, s/w Mary
Douglass, Mary Georgina, d. Jul 07, 1990, age: 99yr 10mo, Our dear Mother, Grandmother a Great-Grandmother
Douglass, Mary Kay, d. Jul 30, 1927, age: 64yr, s/w John
Douglass, Ophir Ismalia, d. Jul 31, 1974, age: 78yr, s/w Thomas Bailey
Douglass, Ronald Walter, d. Mar 20, 1973, age: 70yr
Douglass, Thomas Bailey, b. 1890, d. 1971, Reg #5774, 9th Batt, s/w Ophir Ismalia
Downing, Ralph, d. Dec 19, 1984, age: 87yr
Dreghorn, Florence Maud, d. Aug 06, 1966, age: 61yr, Our Dear Mother, s/w Peter
Dreghorn, Peter, d. Sep 05, 1953, age: 67yr, My dear Husband and our father
Dyer, John, d. Aug 30, 1962, age: 88yr, s/w Minnie, Our Dear Father
Dyer, Minnie, d. Feb 08, 1950, age: 68yr, My Wife, Our Mother, s/w John
Edwards, Shirley Mae, d. Aug 23, 1996, age: 67yr, Loving wife of Lloyd Edwards, ashes
Ellerton, Noel Henry, d. Dec 16, 1996, age: 67yr
Elliott, Annie M Packer, b. Oct 18, 1908, d. Feb 08, 1996, Our dear Mother and Grandmother
Erski, Lazar, b. Aug 19, 1930, d. Mar 02, 2002, with everlasting love from Anna, Leslie, Sophia, Maria, [RD]
Fernleigh, Thomas Cecil John 'Mick', b. Aug 20, 1935, d. Jun 13, 2007, remembered for your kindness to others, [RD]
Fitzgibbons, Charles Alfred, b. Mar 09, 1909, d. Oct 23, 1974
Forman, Harry, b. Jun 28, 1917, d. Feb 28, 1971, age: 54yr, s/w Mary E
Forman, Mary E, b. May 26, 1923, d. Nov 16, 1996, age: 73yr, s/w Harry
Franz, Alice Frances, d. Jun 13, 2006, Beloved mother, sister aunt, Grandmother, [RD]
Frohloff, Kevin Dean, b. Dec 29, 1995, d. Jan 21, 1996, s/o Ashley and Naydean, b/o Warren, Vynita and Adrian
Gatfield, Allan William Grosvenor, d. Apr 26, 2000, age: 82yr, My dear husband, our father and grandfather, AIF, ashes
Gatfield, Eva, d. 1937, age: 80yr
Gatfield, Garth Davies, d. 1940, age: 5yr
Gatfield, George Clyde, d. 1947, age: 63yr
Genrich, Douglas R, d. Dec 29, 1957, age: 51yr, My dear husband
Genrich, Frederick Edward, d. May 29, 1974, age: 73yr, My Husband, Our father and grandfather, s/w Pauline Emelie
Genrich, Pauline Emelie, d. Mar 20, 1997, age: 91yr, His wife, Our mother and grandmother, s/w Frederick Edward
Genrich, Roderick Francis, d. May 15, 1967, age: 31 hours
Gibson, Daisy, b. 1917, d. 1971, s/w Smithy, Our dear parents
Gibson, Johanna Cathrine, d. Apr 08, 1973, age: 93yr, Our Dear Mother
Gibson, Joseph, d. Jul 14, 1970, age: 70yr, My dear husband and our father, s/w Mary
Gibson, Mary Elizabeth, d. Jul 01, 1979, age: 73yr, Our dear Mother, s/w Joseph
Gibson, Smithy, b. 1901, d. 1967, Our dear parents, s/w Daisy
Gibson, William George, d. Jul 24, 1960, age: 78yr, My dear husband and our father
Gilliland, Allen Douglass, b. 1916, d. Apr 30, 1990, age: 73yr, My darling husband, s/w empty, photo
Gilliland, Arnold Lewis, d. Apr 22, 1985, 63yr, photo
Gilliland, James William, d. Dec 08, 2007, age: 71yr, h/o Valma, f/o Mark, Tina, father in law of Leisa, Tony, grandf/o Luke, Tasha, photo inset, [RD]
Gilliland, Leonard James, d. Feb 22, 1989, My dear Husband, our father and grandfather, s/w empty
Gillon, Winnifred Amelia, b. Jun 06, 1919, d. Dec 05, 1999, w/o Wilfred, m/o Wilfred, Maurice, Winifred and Terrence
Gooey, Lionel Maxwell, b. May 28, 1920, d. Jul 14, 2003, sadly missed by his wife and son, ashes, [RD]
Green, Agnes Grace, d. Nov 20, 1973, age: 75yr, Our Dear Mother
Green, George Wilfred, d. Mar 23, 1986, age: 84yr, Our uncle
Green, John Charles, d. Nov 21, 1968, age: 78yr, s/w Agnes Grace, My dear Husband and our Father
Griffin, Kevin Michael, d. Jul 13, 1962, age: 51yr, My dear husband and our father
Griffin, Leo, d. Jul 31, 1964, age: 58yr, Beloved Husband and our father, s/w Mary D.H.
Griffin, Mary D. H., d. Mar 01, 1999, age: 81yr, Our beloved Mother, s/w Leo
Griffin, Mary, b. Aug 29, 1880, d. Nov 22, 1955, Mother, s/by Maurice
Griffin, Maurice, b. Jul 05, 1878, d. Sep 20, 1948, Beloved Husband and Father, s/by Mary
Griffiths, Tegan Patricia, d. Jan 23, 1991
Guthrie, Jean Alice, d. Sep 24, 1952, age: 43yr, My dear Wife and our mother
Hardgrave, Alfred Henry, d. Jun 30, 1962, age: 82yr, My dear Father, s/w Beatrice Sarah
Hardgrave, Beatrice Sarah, d. Oct 21, 1959, age: 79yr, My dear Mother, s/w Alfred Henry
Hardgrave, Noel R. D., d. Jul 11, 1951, age: 35yr, Our dear son, brother, husband and daddy
Harm, Clare Estelle, b. Mar 22, 1942, d. May 13, 2002, w/o Donald, m/o Linnet, Allen & Cheryl, [RD]
Harm, Donald Vincent, b. Nov 24, 1933, d. Jul 09, 2006, h/o Clare Estelle, f/o Linnet, Allen & Cheryl, [RD]
Harper, Hector John, d. Sep 09, 1990, age: 73yr, h/o Lola, f/o John and Jean
Harper, James, d. Aug 20, 1960, age: 86yr, s/w Mary
Harper, Mary, d. Aug 21, 1949, age: 75yr, Our dear Parents, s/w James
Harper, Matthew Mason, d. May 30, 1978, age: 64yr
Harper, Phoebe Mary Ann, d. Feb 13, 1973, age: 55yr, s/w Thomson Andrew Lawrie Mason
Harper, Thomson Andrew Lawrie Mason, d. Aug 13, 1990, age: 75yr, s/w Phoebe Mary Ann
Harris, W J., d. Oct 28, 2004, age: 81yr, AIF badge no VX50575, Cpl 2/6 Cavalry Commando Sqn, ashes, [RD]
Hart, Amy, b. Mar 28, 1899, d. Mar 23, 1979, s/w James William, Our dear parents and grandparents
Hart, Dorothy E, b. 1863, d. 1940, s/w John, Our parents
Hart, Dorothy, b. 1900, d. 1903, s/w Joseph
Hart, J. R. C. 'Jack', d. Jul 30, 1991, age: 93yr
Hart, James William, b. May 15, 1892, d. Nov 06, 1978, Our dear parents and grandparents, s/w Amy
Hart, James, b. 1860, d. 1946, Our dear uncle
Hart, John, b. 1856, d. 1933, s/w Dorothy, Our parents
Hart, Joseph, b. 1885, d. 1901, s/w Dorothy
Hart, Lorraine Mary, b. Nov 09, 1944, d. Oct 24, 1945, Infant dau of Jack and Edith
Harvey, Brian Edward, d. Nov 17, 1995, age: 62yr, s/by Una Joy
Harvey, D, no dates, C29, [RD]
Harvey, Julia, d. Jan 11, 1990, age: 99yr
Harvey, Lester Darryl, d. Nov 14, 1967, age: 19yr, killed accidently, our son and our brother
Harvey, Una Joy, d. Apr 06, 1991, age: 53yr, s/by Brian Edward
Hawkins, Betty, d. Apr 10, 2006, age: 77yr, w/o Colin, [RD]
Hawkins, Colin Clifford, b. 1926, d. 2004, h/o Betty, [RD]
Hayden, May, no dates, s/w and sister of Reginal
Hayden, Reginal, d. Oct 25, 1912, age: 3yr, Infant
Hayden, Reginal, d. Oct 25, 1941, 93yr
Haynes, Dorreen Katherine, b. 2 Aug 1917, d. 8 Dec 2004, s/w Joseph, [RD]
Haynes, Edith Clementina, d. Dec 27, 1922, age: 1yr, d/o Thomas and Ruby, s/o George
Haynes, Joseph, b. 21 Dec 1917, d. Oct 30, 2004, s/w Dorreen, [RD]
Haynes, Mary, b. 1881, d. 1962, s/w Thomas
Haynes, Thomas, b. 1872, d. 1944, s/w Mary
Head, Gregory, d. Sep 04, 1981, age: 37yr, My dear husband, our father, son and brother
Head, Leonard Harvey, d. Jan 15, 1984, age: 76yr, My dear Husband and Our dear Father
Head, Ruby Stella, d. Apr 21, 1993, age: 85yr, w/o and s/w Leonard, Our dear Mother
Hill, John 'Jack', b. Sep 26, 1896, d. Oct 30, 1991, h/o Rebecca Jane, AIF
Hill, Rebecca Jane, b. Feb 07, 1900, d. Dec 09, 1986, My beloved wife
Hobbs, Clara Odessa, d. 1929, age: 47yr
Hoffschildt, Mervyn James, b. 14 Jan 14, 1925, d. Jul 04, 2003, [RD]
Holt, Phoenix Joy, b. Oct 17, 1922, d. Jun 30, 1999, Loving Wife, sister and aunt, ashes
Honor, Alf Allan, b. 1925, d. 1991, Our Beloved Brother
Houston, R. R., d. Sep 19, 1946, Beloved Husband, our dad, son and brother
Huth, Edward Hermann 'Mick', b. Jan 27, 1910, d. Jun 18, 2001, My dear husband, father, gfather
Jackson, Robert Paul, d. Jun 25, 1981, accidently killed, age: 17yr, s/o Richard and Janelle, brother of Jeana, Steven and Peter
James, Gary 'Georgie', d. Aug 28, 1956, age: 3?yr, Our dear son & brother
James, George Alfred, b. May 02, 1920, d. Feb 29, 1988, QX31866. Loving husband, father and grandfather, ashes
Jones, Edith Maude, d. Jun 11, 1967, age: 69uyr, s/w William, My dear wife and our mother
Jones, Mervyn, d. Jun 10, 1981, 45yr, dear husband, father and son
Jones, William John, b. 1925, d. Jun 1988?, brother and uncle
Jones, William, d. Feb 22, 1975, age: 74yr, s/w Edith, Our Dear Father
Jurgensen, Arthur James, b. Jan 24, 1930, d. Dec 19, 1991, My dear husband and our father, s/w empty
Kanowski, Gustav Albert, b. Jan 13, 1893, d. Feb 21, 1983, Our dear Uncle, s/w Otto Vandersee
Kantor, Maria, d. Sep 11, 1999, age: 80yr, Loving wife, mother and gmother, s/w empty
Kent, George Herbert, d. Jun 24, 2001, age: 70yr
Kerr, Gordon Robert, d. May 01, 2003, aged 74yr, ashes, our Dear Husband father and granddad, [RD]
King, Bridget, d. Jan 25, 1990, age: 85yr, hard to read, might be wrong, s/by Peter
King, David Ross, b. Aug 23, 1962, d. May 11, 2002, f/o George, loving partner of Nicole, [RD]
King, Hilda Minnie, d. Jul 27, 1981, age: 76yr, s/w Walter Peter, Our dear Mother
King, Joyce Lillian, d. Dec 04, 1972, age: 42yr, Our dear daughter and sister
King, Peter, d. May 05, 1955, age: 53yr, s/by Bridget, also hard to read
King, Walter Peter, d. Nov 21, 1983, age: 80yr, s/w Hilda Minnie, Our dear Father
Kitts, Jun Loris, d. Jan 15, 2002, aged 63yr, Wonderful wife and mother, very talented & great lady, 1N, [RD]
Knaggs, Phyllis Hazel, d. Jan 31, 1970, age: 44yr, Beloved Wife, Our mother, s/w Roy M
Knaggs, Roy Mervyn, d. May 11, 1994, age: 76yr, Beloved Husband, our father, s/w Phyllis
Knaggs, Roy Walton, d. Oct 30, 1979, age: 32yr, Loving Husband and father of Carol, Shane Lee and Tanya
Knight, John Willis, b. Nov 24, 1943, d. Mar 29, 2007, father, father in law, grandf/o Steve, Mandy, Joseph, Stefan, Ashley Kate Bianca, Amber, Jayne, best mate of Elizabeth Brever, photo, [RD]
Knipe, Bernice Barbara, d. Jun 02, 1986, age: 56yr, Beloved wife of Roy. s/w Roy
Knipe, Roy Merson, d. Aug 26, 1993, age: 74yr, s/w Bernice, Our Dear Father
Kozlonski, E, no dates, C23, [RD]
Kricheldorff, Jean Hermione 'Kay', b. 1911, d. 1991, w/o Ted Devanny, m/o John and Jill
Kruger, Doris Annie, d. Jan 09, 1999, age: 89yr, s/w and w/o Thomas, beloved Granny of Matthew, Joanna, Katie, Bridget and Paul
Kruger, Kerry George, d. Jan 26, 1967, age: 20yr, accident
Kruger, Paul Francis, d. Mar 25, 1961, age: 19yr
Kruger, Thomas, d. Feb 17, 1970, age: 58yr, h/o & s/w Doris Annie
Langan, Caroline, b. 1854, d. 1928, Our Dear wife and our Mother, s/by James
Langan, James, b. 1857, d. 1943, Our dear father, s/by Caroline
Langton, Arthur Patrick, d. Apr 02, 1993, age: 78yr, Dear Husband, and our father, ashes
Langton, Charles, d. Sep 24, 1970, age: 55yr, Our dear brother
Langton, Doreen Winfred, d. Jun 23, 1964, age: 48yr, s/w Lewis, Our dear Mother
Langton, Eunice Winifred, d. Feb 22, 2005, aged 86yr, our Dear mother, grandmother, [RD]
Langton, Lewis, d. Mar 03, 1959, age: 57yr, s/w Doreen, Our dear father
Langton, Margaret, d. Jun 07, 1952, age: 76yr, My dear wife and our mother, s/w William J
Langton, William J, d. Jun 12, 1970, age: 96yr, s/w Margaret, Our dear father
Langton, William James, d. Feb 13, 1976, age: 76yr, Our dear Brother
Lawrence, Emma, b. 1879, d. 1954, s/w Frederick
Lawrence, Frederick, b. 1870, d. 1944, s/w Emma
Leane, John Patrick, d. Sep 11, 1971, age: 59yr, dear husband and father
Leane, Kathleen, d. Jun 16, 1987, age: 72yr, loving wife of John, Our dear mother
Leane, Margaret Ann, d. Oct 13, 1996, age: 86yr, ashes
Leane, Sarah Frances, d. Mar 15, 1960, age: 80yr, s/w William
Leane, William, d. Feb 04, 1959, age: 85yr, s/w Sarah Frances
Liesegang, Arthur Herman, d. Nov 23, 1967, age: 70yr, s/w Isabella Amelia, photo
Liesegang, Isabella Amelia, d. Jan 18, 1984, age: 72yr, s/w Arthur Herman, photo
Lucht, Edward Charles, d. Sep 03, 1962, age: 59yr, s/by Elizabeth
Lucht, Elizabeth, d. Oct 20, 1959, age: 57yr, s/by Edward
Luck, Victor Michael, b. Jan 30, 1938, d. Jul 25, 1997, h/o Lyn
Lysaught, Catherine Ellen, d. Jun 14, 1983, age: 73yr, d/o Olive Maud
Lysaught, Olive Maude, d. Jun 25, 1980?, age: 79yr, My dear Mother, s/by Catherine
Manning, Capt Philip Henry, b. May 31, 1914, d. Nov 30, 1986, h/o Joan, f/o Josephine, Bernard, Jeffery, Nicholas, Timothy, Hilary, Joanna, Philippa, Dominic, Elizabeth, mark, Metronilla, Chionia, Susan and Benjamin, grandfather of 65, ggrandfather of 4
Manning, Joan Evelyn Edith, b. Mar 11, 1920, d. Apr 23, 2006, w/o Phillip, m/o all above children, grandm/o 68, great gran of 76, great great granm/o 8, [RD]
Manning, Nancy Priscilla, d. Oct 10, 1954?, age: 48yr?, w/o Bernard
Markinkov, Ivan, b. Oct 28, 1923, d. Jan 19, 2002, [RD]
Marrington, Ivy Myrtle, d. May 29, 1964, My dear wife and our mother
Marriott, Bessie Douglass, d. Aug 27, 1980, age: 57yr, Mother and Grandmother
Martin, Edward, d. Sep 20, 1990, age: 84yr, s/w Elsie Alice, Our dear father
Martin, Elsie Alice, d. Mar 01, 1983, age: 78yr, s/w Edward, My dear wife and our mother
Martin, Jean Edna, d. Feb 05, 1993, age: 78yr, s/by Thomas John
Martin, Thomas John, d. Dec 05, 1987, age: 83yr, s/by Jean Edna
Matthews, Edward Irwin, d. Feb 01, 2007, age: 73yr, sadly missed by his loving wife Salvacion, [RD]
Mayson, Jeffrey G, b. Aug 09, 1943, d. May 15, 2002, h/o Pip, photo insert, [RD]
McCarthy, Valerie Gwenda, d. Jan 05, 1994, age: 66yr
McDonald, Richard Norman, b. Jul 30, 1931, d. Feb 23, 1996, photo
McKenzie, Cecelia A, b. 1913, d. Feb 01, 1963, s/by John Charles
McKenzie, John Charles, d. Feb 22, 1974, Loving Father and gfather
McKenzie, Noela C 'Babe', d. Jun 07, 1950, age: 23yr, dear daughter and sister
Millar, Elizabeth, d. May 24, 1935, age: 80yr, s/w her husband James and son Samuel
Millar, James Joseph, d. Aug 10, 2004, age: 77yr, [RD]
Millar, James, b. Co Antiem, England, d. Sep 26, 1908, Blackbutt, age: 57yr, s/w Samuel & Elizabeth
Millar, John Scott, d. Mar 05, 1995, age: 65yr, Mason, h/o Janice
Millar, Joseph, d. Jul 08, 1962, age: 72yr, Father, s/w Mary Isabella
Millar, Mary Isabella, d. Sep 14, 1983, age: 89yr, Mother, s/w Joseph
Millar, Samuel, b. Bundanna?, d. Aug 22, 1910, Blackbutt, age: 24yr, s/o James and Elizabeth
Mills, Brian Albert, d. Mar 07, 1988, age: 57yr, My dear husband
Morgenstern, Amelia Juliana, d. Aug 18, 1995, age: 90yr, s/w Herman Carl, Dear Mother, g and great grandmother
Morgenstern, Herman Carl, d. Sep 06, 1984, age: 81yr, dear husband, father, gr and great gr, s/w Amelia Juliana
Muir, Archibald George, d. Apr 12, 1993, age: 74yr
Muir, James, d. Feb 24, 1955, age: 85yr, s/w Janet
Muir, Janet C, d. Oct 08, 1912, age: 62yr, s/w James
Neaves, Harold Vincent, d. Jan 28, 1978, age: 67yr, dear husband and father
Noble, Noel Edgar, b. Dec 22, 1917, d. Mar 28, 2007, age: 89yr, photo impression, [RD]
Norris, Leslie William, d. Nov 17, 1993, age: 45yr, accident, h/o Ann Maree, f/o Leighton, Matthew, Tammy
O'Brien, Francis James, d. Mar 23, 1971, age: 60yr, s/w Kathleen Frances
O'Brien, Kathleen Frances, d. Nov 11, 1977, age: 69yr, s/w Francis James
O'Donoghue, Anthony Fergus, b. Nov 11, 1931, d. Jun 29, 2005, [RD]
Ogilvie, Alexander, b. 1906, d. 1988, h/o Amy, f/o Heather and Eon
Ogilvie, Douglas, d. Nov 16, 1980, age: 71yr, My dear husband and our father
Ogilvie, George, d. Oct 02, 1923, age: 43yr, s/w Sarah
Ogilvie, Marjorie Evelyn, d. Aug 04, 2004, age: 90yr, Our Dear mother grandmother, [RD]
Ogilvie, Sarah, d. Sep 28, 1930, age: 53yr, s/w George
Olds, Geoffrey James, d. Feb 28, 1981, age: 63yr, Our dear brother and uncle
Olds, John Francis, d. Oct 01, 1987, age: 71yr, Our dear brother and uncle
Olzard, Audrey Alma Olzard, b. Jan 04, 1921, d. Nov 13, 2007, ashes, s/w Fredrick Gerald, our loving parents, great grandparents, [RD]
Olzard, Fredrick Gerald, b. Dec 28, 1913, d. Sep 28, 2004, ashes, s/w Audrey Alma, [RD]
Olzard, Joseph Henry, d. Nov 11, 1983, age: 78yr
O'Neill, William Henry, b. Aug 14, 1924, d. Jul 27, 1994, age: 69yr, My Beloved Husband
Packer, Elijah, d. Dec 28, 1902, age: 66yr, s/w and h/o Mary Ann
Packer, Heather, b. Aug 18, 1943, d. Mar 19, 2002, Wife & mother photo insert, [RD]
Packer, Hector E. Wyatt, b. Sep 24, 1903, d. Dec 17, 1984, s/w Vera G Elizabeth, ashes
Packer, Ian Robert, d. Oct 28, 1984, age: 12yr 5mo, Our darling son and brother, photo
Packer, Laura, b. 1874, d. 1938, w/o and s/w Sidney
Packer, Mary Ann Rosina, d. Jun 12, 1907, age: 69yr, w/o and s/w Elijah
Packer, Ralph Bedgood, d. Nov 25, 1966, age: 58yr, My dear Husband and our father
Packer, Sidney A, b. 1871, d. 1956, s/w Laura, Our dear parents
Packer, Vera G. Elizabeth, b. Aug 29, 1901, d. Feb 06, 1983, s/w Hector E Wyatt, ashes
Pagenkopf, Johannes, b. Mar 02, 1906, d. Dec 17, 1967, My dear Husband
Patch, Thomas H, d. Nov 11, 1947, age: 63yr
Price, Shirley Ann Morris, b. Jul 24, 1943, d. Apr 14, 2008, w/o Rob, c/o Kathleen, m/o Tracy Anita & Glen, Honorary Princess of Benarkin, [RD]
Raabe, Henry George, d. Oct 09, 1989, age: 80yr
Reed, Allan Laurence, b. Dec 08, 1941, d. Mar 13, 1998, s/o Allan and Mavis
Reed, Joseph Harold 'Harry', d. Apr 24, 2000, age: 87yr, h/o Pearl
Reed, Mavis Irene, b. Apr 25, 1909, d. Sep 23, 2000, w/o & s/by Allan
Reiser, Charles Edward, d. Mar 26, 1992, age: 86yr, Our dear father
Richardson, Ailsa Annie, b. 1925, d. 1999, w/o Sydney 'Syd', m/o Barry and Glenys, m-in-law of Raymond, gmother of Ann, Craig, Lisa
Richardson, Elizabeth Ann, d. Aug 27, 1942, 65yr, My dear wife and our Mother, s/y Ernest William
Richardson, Ernest William, d. Jul 08, 1949, age: 74yr, Our dear Father, s/by Elizabeth Ann
Richardson, Gladys Mabel, d. Nov 13, 1992, age: 89yr, Our Dear Mother
Richardson, Paul, no dates, s/w Peter
Richardson, Peter, no dates, s/w Paul
Richardson, Sydney Patrick, d. Feb 24, 1997, age: 80yr, h/o Ailsa, f/o Barry and Glenys, gfather of Ann, Craig and Lisa
Richardson, William Earnest, d. Apr 06, 1959, age: 55yr, My dear husband and our father
Riley, Robert Lawrence, b. Jul 21, 1966, d. May 14, 2000, wooden cross
Rodgers, Doris Ann, b. Dec 12, 1919, d. Nov 09, 1999, age: 79yr, a loving wife, s/by Henry James, photo
Rodgers, Henry James, b. Nov 14, 1915, d. Dec 09, 1995, age: 80yr, My dear husband, s/by Doris Ann, photo
Romeyn, Pieter Cornelis, b. Apr 05, 1915, d. May 25, 1993, My beloved Husband, our Papa, Opa and Poppy
Rosentreter, Helen Caroline Ann, d. May 05, 1996, age: 50yr
Rucker, Andrew John, d. Nov 06, 1978, age: 1hr
Sakowski, Corey James Douglas, d. Apr 30, 2006, Our angel safe in heaven, [RD]
Salmon, Ronald Richard, b. Sep 11, 1919, d. Aug 24, 2006, h/o Florence, f/o Linda, Judith, Laurence & Jo Anne, and Army service no 0135041, image insert, [RD]
Schultz, Eric Frederick, d. Nov 08, 1988, age: 71yr, h/o June, f/o Yvonne, Eric, Laurie, Glenn, Phollip, Allan and Kerralee
Schumacher, Phillis, b. Sep 26, 1919, d. Jul 05, 2005, Dearly loved wife mother & grandmother, [RD]
Schwerin, Edwin Henry 'Eddie', d. May 24, 2001, 70yr, h/o Babe, Father, Gfather and GGfather
Seeley, Marie P. H., b. 1871, d. 1935, My dear wife and our mother, s/w empty
Sewell, Mathew Andrew, b. Dec 21, 1973, d. Oct 02, 1981
Smith, Audrey Agnes, d. May 15, 1995, age: 75yr, m/o Marie, Lynette, Mary and Warren
Smith, Eleanor, d. Nov 04, 1982, age: 94yr
Smith, John Edward 'Ted', d. Dec 02, 1956, age: 67yr
Smith, Leonard Arthur, b. Aug 22, 1913, d. Nov 20, 1989, h/o Margaret Francis, Beloved Father and Grandad
Smith, Margaret Frances, d. Dec 09, 1968, age: 43yr, Dear Wife and Mother
Smith, Neil Leslie, d. Nov 18, 1985, age: 43yr, accident, Beloved h/o Gladys, father of Julie, Robert, Alan
Smith, Richard John, b. 1912, d. 1991, h/o and s/w Viola Mary
Smith, Viola Mary, b. 1908, d. 1993, s/w Richard John, My loving parents
Smith, William Edward, d. Mar 25, 2005, age: 80yr, h/o Audrey, f/o Marie, Lynette, Gary, Warren, [RD]
Spies, Joseph John, b. Jul 31, 1933, d. Feb 26, 2007, Husband artist, lover mentor & child, [RD]
Stewart, David, b. 1850, d. 1925
Stewart, David, b. 1889, d. 1964, s/w Mary
Stewart, Mary, b. 1855, d. 1937, s/w David
Stewart, Robert Filler, b. 1881, d. 1919
Stocks, Valda Elizabeth, d. Sep 10, 1991, age: 81yr, Beloved wife of Syd, ashes
Stone, Pamela Davis, b. Oct 25, 1923, d. Jul 30, 2006, ashes, [RD]
Sutcliffe, Frederick R, d. Dec 29, 1957, age: 18yr, Our dear son and brother, very hard to read
Turner, Clive Waverton, b. Jul 27, 1927, d. Jun 28, 2003, f/o Annie & Stephen, grandfather & great grandfather, [RD]
Turner, Selby, d. Apr 04, 1912, age: 31yr, of M.S.W.
Ubdegrove, James Malcom, b. Sep 22, 1926, d. Dec 11, 1989, age: 63yr, h/o Thelma, b/o Melvin, Delbert and Addie
Underwood, Layle Schweitzer, b. Jun 11, 1961, d. Sep 17, 1999, age: 38yr
Vandersee, Eva Adella, d. Feb 13, 2000, age: 88yr, Our dear Mother, s/by Theodor
Vandersee, Henry, d. Sep 27, 1959, age: 50yr
Vandersee, Max, d. Oct 03, 1987, age: 82yr, s/by Olive Esther
Vandersee, Olive Esther, d. Nov 11, 1989, age: 83yr, s/by Max
Vandersee, Otto, b. Feb 14, 1895, d. Jun 30, 1934, s/w his uncle Gustav Albert Kanowski, accident
Vandersee, Raymond George, b. Mar 30, 1943, d. Dec 20, 2007, age: 64yr, Dear Husband father father in law and grandfather, Photo inset, [RD]
Vandersee, Theodor, d. Oct 26, 1999, age: 92yr, My dear husband and our father
Vary, Robert Eugene, d. Jul 24, 1989, age: 67yr, QZ12222 Craftsman, 2nd Australian Field Park Company
Villacencio, Pedro, d. Nov 24, 1995, age: 60yr
Vines, Ernest, b. Apr 12, 1897, d. Nov 20, 1974, s/w Nora Ellen
Vines, Nora Ellen, b. Jun 10, 1898, d. Feb 02, 1955, s/w Ernest
Warner, Nancy Kathleen Lane, d. Feb 19, 1996, age: 82yr, 'Mum'
Watson, Highmoor, d. Mar 17, 1912, Blackbutt
Webber, William, d. Sep 30, 1947, age: 75yr, My dear Father
Wedderick, George F, d. Jul 04, 1953, age: 68yr, My dear Husband and our Father
Wedderick, Sere Helene, d. Mar 04, 1960, age: 75yr, Our dear mother, s/w George F
Williams, Catherine, b. 1893, d. 1973, s/w & w/o Ernest
Williams, Charles E, b. 1901, d. 1947
Williams, Ernest, b. 1886, d. 1981, h/o and s/w Catherine
Williams, George H, d. Oct 26, 1953, age: 71yr, s/w Marguerite N.M., Our dear parents
Williams, Kevin Charles, d. Dec 22, 1993, age: 72yr
Williams, L. M., d. Feb 09, 1945, age: 69yr
Williams, Marguerite N. M., d. Dec 20, 1953, age: 66yr, s/w George H, her husband
Williams, Robert C, b. 1869, d. 1940
Wilson, Claude A., d. Nov 20, 1999, age: 77yr, Cook S6800, Royal Australian Naval Reserve, h/o Patricia, photo
Wilson, Edith Maude, b. Apr 25, 1894, d. Nov 20, 1969, age: 75yr, Dear Wife and Mother, Nanna and Ggrandmother
Wilson, James, b. 1893, d. 1978, age: 85yr, Our dear Father, Grandfather and Ggrandfather, two markers, 2248 Trooper, 5th Light Horse AIF
Windley, Florence Isabella, b. Jul 13, 1920, d. Sep 29, 1990, w/o Ron, m/o Christine, Mark, Wayne and Peter and Nan
Wood, Henry, d. Dec 02, 1944, age: 16yr
Wright, William Hubert, d. Jul 08, 1989, age: 77yr, Father and grandfather
Yann, Alice M, d. Aug 05, 1951, age: 68yr, My dear wife and our Mother, s/w John F
Yann, Elsie Joyce, d. Jan 17, 1988, age: 63yr, My dear wife, mother and Nan, s/w empty
Yann, John F, d. May 29, 1960, age: 81yr, h/o and s/w Alice M
Yann, William Roy 'Bill', b. 1910, d. 1988, age: 78yr, father, father in law and Pop
Young, Clara Elizabeth, d. May 08, 1957, age: 70yr, My dear wife, our mother, s/by Ernest
Young, Eileen May, d. Apr 18, 1966, age: 54yr, Our dear Mother, s/by Lawrence A
Young, Ernest Edward, d. Sep 11, 1966, age: 81yr, Our dear Father, s/by Clara
Young, Lawrence A 'Dick', d. Sep 02, 1955, age: 44yr, My dear husband and our father

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