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Pioneer Cemetery (Tozer Park Cem)
Cooloola Shire, Queensland, Australia

King & Tozer Park Rd.
Gympie Qld

Lat: 26° 00' 03"S, Lon: 152° 44' 38"E

Transcrived by Maggie Rail, Oct 11, 2002, last edited Jul 05, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 62.

This cemetery was often referred to as the Tozer Park Cemetery, probably because it was on Tozer Park Road. This cemetery which once was of a good size, perhaps suffered from neglect, causing the decision to remove the markers and create a park. It now has become Gympie's Andrew Fisher Memorial Park. One stone remains, that of Annie Everett, wife of John, with a plaque on it which states the following.

The plaque says it is the first cemetery, while there are others who think this cemetery was the second cemetery for Gympie. Most of the original cemetery has now been used for parkland, which has been renamed Andrew Fisher Memorial Park.

I have not found out what happened to the other stones, but I would suspect that they were offered to the family of those interred there when a park was to be made over the burial site. As stated above the 63 remaining stones have been relocated to the historic section of the Gympie "Two Mile Cemetery." One can only make assumptions about what happened to the other 1,000+ markers.

Due to aging, not all of the remaining stones were able to be successfully recorded. The list I have transcribed is partly from the stones at the Gympie Two Mile Cemetery site, plus a few other sources as I was researching, in family files.

Note: (During the Depression of the 1930s, Tozer Street Cemetery, which was across the road from Gympie Railway Station and very dilapadated, was used by "rattler jumpers" as a place to camp. I remember it in a derelict state in the 1940s with many headstones fallen over. We were forbidden to play there for fear of snakes. I think a lot of the headstones were subsequently used for 'fill', and are probably waiting to be unearthed at some future date...Tony White)

If you know of any other names to add to these, please contact me and I will be so happy to add them to this very incomplete listing.

I visited this site on Tozer Park Road and the area where the remaining headstones are at Two Mile Cemetery in Gympie on May 29, 2002.

- Maggie Rail

Anglum, James, d. Apr 03, 1877, age: 37yr
Brodie, Margaret, d. Aug 08, 1992, age: 59yr
Butterly, Rev Thomas H, d. Mar 16, 1882, age: 35yr
Carkeet, Beatrice, bur. Dec 30, 1881, d/o John and Mary
Carkeet, G, bur. Feb 22, 1880, child of John and Mary
Carkeet, John, bur. Feb 02, 1883, s/o John and Mary
Chauncy, Auschar, d. Apr 30, 1877
Corrigan, Hugh, d. Aug 27, 1880
Corry, Alice Maud, d. 1880, age: 7mo
Corry, John, d. Oct 20, 1880, age: 40yr
Couldery, Beatrice Maud, b. Jun 24, 1873, d. Aug 13, 1884
Dath, Jane McDonald, d. Apr 1872, w/o Robert Dath, s/w Jane
Dath, Jane, b. Feb 05, 1872, d. Jun 28, 1872, s/w Jane McDonald Dath
Everett, Annie, d. Dec 29, 1880, age 26yr, w/o John Everett, this marker is standing at the entrance to the now park.
Gauld, Nellie, d. Jul 15, 1882, age: 27yr
Hanlon, John, d. 1875
Hanlon, Robert J Thomas, d. 1879, s/w & s/o John Hanlon
Hanlon, Thomas, d. 1873, s/w Robert J, s/o John Hanlon
Henry, John George, d. May 05, 1879, age: 46yr
Irwin, Samuel, d. Aug 03, 1881, age: 38yr
Johns, David Elias, b. Aug 29, 1877, d. Mar 23, 1881, age: 3yr 7mo, s/o James and Ann *
Johns, Elizabeth Ann, b. 1876, d. Jul 28, 1878, age: 2yr, d/o James and Ann *
Jones, Margart, d. Mar 28, 1886
Leary, Charlotte, d. Sep 04, 1883, age: 66yr
Leary, James, d. Sep 11, 1883
Lillis, Thomas, d. Feb 16, 1877, age: 32yr
Lillwall Amelia J. (Emily), d. Oct 04, 1874
Lillwall J., d. Jul 31, 1871
Lillwall William G., d. Oct 24, 1878
Lord, Robert Stuart, d. Jul 25, 1878, age: 34yr
Mallon, Joseph, d. Mar 14, 1885, age: 48yr
Mann, Bridget, d. Mar 21, 1884
Mann, Mary Ellen, d. Aug 15, 1872
McGrath, Mary, d. Mar 15, 1870, age: 37yr
Mellor, John James, d. 1874, age: 1yr 3mo
Mellor, Martha, d. 1874, age: 26
Mills, Amelia, d. Apr 21, 1883, age: 30yr
Mogan, Thomas, b. Oct 21, 1873, d. Nov 20, 1874, (s/o John & Margaret)
Muir, Annie, d. May 16, 1878, age 28yr, s/w & w/o Gilbert Gordon
Muir, Gilbert Gordon, d. Apr 30, 1879, 51yr, h/o and s/w Annie
Mulcahy, Bridget Mary, d. Jun 08, 1886, age: 26yr
Murphy, Nicholas, d. Feb 1881, age: 66yr
O'Keefe, Daniel, d. Jun 27, 1876, age: 2wks
O'Keefe, John William, d. Aug 27, 1880, age: 37yr
Pollock, Sydney Albert, d. Mar 23, 1873
Ridley, John, d. 1880, age: 45yr
Smith, Charles Henry, d. May 12, 1886, age: 52yr
Smith, Mary, d. Jan 12, 1882, age: 42yr
Thomas, Florence, b. Sep 13, 1883 Tamaree, d. Jan 13, 1884, d/o John and Elizabeth, per Tony White
Thomas, George, b. 1881 Herford Eng, d. Feb 22, 1883, s/o John and Elizabeth, per Tony White
Tozer, Mary Hoyles, d. Jan 18, 1878, age: 30yr
Tozer, Thomas William, d. Aug 08, 1872, age: 3yr 7mo
Westen, Eliza, d. May 10, 1884, age: 49yr
White, Catherine Matilda, b. May 27, 1879, d. Jun 12, 1879, d/o Thomas and Catherine, per Tony White
White, Robert, b. Sep 28, 1876, d. Oct 04, 1876, s/o Thomas and Catherine, per Tony White
Windley, Emma, d. Sep 30, 1874
Wright, Thomas, b. 1833 Chatham, Kent, England, d. Sep 21, 1878 Gympie, age 45yr, Phoenix mine accident, per Chris Hanchard
Younger, Andrew, d. Oct 08, 1886, age: 10mo
Younger, Catherine, d. Jun 10, 1875, age: 3mo
Younger, Ellen, d. Oct 09, 1882, age: 43yr

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