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Caboolture Cemetery
Caboolture Shire, Queensland, Australia

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Sep 13, 2002 [mrail@asisna.com].

Gabrielli, Emidio, d. Aug 07, 1966, age 69yr, s/w Enrica, Beloved Husband, our father and grandfather
Gabrielli, Enrica, d. Jul 06, 1963, age 65yr, s/w Emidio, My beloved wife, our Mother and Grandmother
Gabrielli, Nazzareno, d. May 16, 1965, age 45yr, accident
Gaiko, Mary Ellen, d. Apr 20, 1949, age 33yr, My dear wife, our mother and sister
Ganly, Alice Maude, b. Sep 19, 1860, d. Aug 24, 1938?, s/w and w/o Edmund Charles
Ganly, Edmund Charles, b. Apr 30, 1867, d. May? 13, 1925, Priest, s/w & h/o Alice Maude, very hard to read
Gannon, Catherine, d. Jul 8, 1927, age 61yr. sw Mary Anne
Gannon, Mary Anne, d. Jun 28, 1927, age 86yr, s/w Catherine
Gardner, Roy, d. Jul 22, 1996, age: 83yr
Garland, Herbert, d. May 31, 1945, age 64yr
Garrett, John William, d. Aug 14, 1960, age 78yr, Dear husband, father and grandfather
Garrett, Mary Winifred, d. May 25, 1969, age 91yr, s/w John William Garrett
Gentle, Alfred Henry, d. Sep 02, 1962, age 83yr, Our dear Husband, and our father and grandfather
Gentle, Eleanora, d. Aug 05, 1966, age: 87yr, w/o A.H. Gentle, Our dear Mother and Grandmother, s/by Alfred
Georgopoulos, Alexandros, b. Mar 13, 1906 Greece, d. Nov 12, 1987 Brisbane, My dear husband and our father
Gibbs, John, d. Feb 16, 1939, age 74yr, My dear Husband
Giebel, A. E., b. Feb 11, 1912, d. Jun 15, 1975
Gillespie, Gertrude Mary, b. Feb 14, 1903, d. Jul 22, 1989, age 86yr, Mother, Grandmother and ggrandmother
Gilshenan, Evelyn May, b. Apr 19, 1918, d. Apr 09, 1996
Gilvear, Leslie, d. 953, age 1da, s/w Wm E
Gilvear, William E, d. Feb 13, 1953, dear husband and father, s/w Leslie
Girling, Albert Herbert, d. Jan 30, 1995, age: 82yr, ashes
Girling, Anne, d. Aug 30, 1996, age: 86yr
Glasby, R.(Ray) D., d. Apr 11, 1988, age 63yr, 440516 Leading Aircraftman Royal Australia Air Force, husband, father and grandad of Belle, Chris, Greg, Paul, Shaun and Bridgette
Glasson, Patricia Mary, b. May 04, 1933, d. May 05, 1989, nee Frazer
Gleaves, Ron Redman, b. 1921, d. 1988, dear husband and father, Late Manchester, England
Gleeson, John, d. Dec 23, 1933, my dear uncle
Gleeson, Sarah Jane, d. May 30, 1924, age 54yr, w/o John
Gloag, Agnes Hamilton, d. Mar 1897, age 51yr, s/w Dunlop
Gloag, Dunlop, d. Dec 05, 1889, age 53yr, s/w Agnes
Gloynes, A. E., d. May 06, 1985, age 71yr, QX25858 Corporal, Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit
Goeldner, Amelia Caroline, d. may 06, 1937, age 50yr
Goeldner, Auguste Maria, d. Jul 11, 1967, age 73yr, My dear wife
Goeldner, Bertha, d. Nov 22, 1965, age 75yr, w/o Ernest
Goeldner, Ernest H, d. Jun 02, 1959, age 74yr, My Dear Husband, s/by Bertha
Goeldner, Herbert Thomas, d. Oct 31, 1970, age 74yr
Gooch, Edith Joan, b. Aug 26, 1921, d. Jul 10, 1995, age 73yr, Beloved Daughter
Gooch, Gerald Frank, b. May 17, 1892, d. Apr 28, 1971, of Tharcomindah Station and Bribie
Gould, Patrick, d. Jun 21, 1963, age 66yr, s/w Katherine who was buried at sea, Jun 26, 1966, age 64yr
Gould, Ralph Barrymore 'Barry', d. Jul 01, 1987, age 56yr
Gracey, Eileen Victoria May, d. Aug 16, 1997, age 87yr, His Wife, Our Mother
Gracey, Elizabeth Ellen, d. Aug 27, 1971, age 88yr, his wife, our mother, s/w Robert
Gracey, Francis, d. Sep 28, 1988, age 81yr, Corporal QX40171 2/48 Battalion AIF
Gracey, Robert, d. Jun 05, 1951, age 76yr, Husband and Father, Mason, s/w Elizabeth Ellen
Gralike, Theo, d. Apr 23, 1984, age 66yr, my dear husband and our father
Grant, Alexander Moreton, d. Jul 24, 1977, age 69yr, Beloved Husband, Father, Father-in-law and Grandfather
Grant, Bernard James, b. 1866, d. Aug 13, 1943, s/w Bernard James
Grant, Josephine, d. Apr 24, 1995, age 94yr, My dear Mother, w/o & s/w Leslie
Grant, Leslie Michael, d. Apr 01, 1957, age 61yr, Our Dear Husband and Father, s/w Josephine
Grant, Mark William, b. Sep 25, 1919, d. Aug 28, 1992, ashes
Grant, Mary Ursula, db. Feb 04, 1874, d. May 21, 1938, w/o and s/w Bernard James
Grant, Patricia Martha, b. Nov 13, 1918, d. Nov 28, 1995
Grant, Peter Charles, b. 1939, d. 1984
Gray, Ronald Gordon, d. Feb 12, 1991, age: 63yr, ashes
Greber, Annie Christina, d. May 29, 1966, age 61yr, My dear Wife and our Mother, s/w Herbert Stanley
Greber, Herbert Stanley, d. Jun 28, 1989, age 94yr, Our Dear Father and Grandfather, s/w Annie Christina
Green, Jessie Kathleen, d. Jan 19, 1981, age 75yr
Green, Thomas William, d. Aug 08, 1968, age 45yr (Nobby)
Greer, Jack, d. Jun 26, 1992
Greig, Michael Alan, b. 17 Mar 1992, d. Mar 17, 1992, ashes
Greinke, August, b. 1909, d. 1962, Husband
Grigg, Christian M (Mrs), d. Jul 14, 1982, age: 71yr 8mo, ashes
Grimbergen, Leonardus Johannes, d. Jul 27, 2001, age: 82yr, ashes
Grimmer, Jack William, d. May 23, 1992, age: 76yr, ashes
Grimmer, jean Evelyn, d. Jun 16, 1999, age: 83yr, ashes
Grott, Melba Edith, d. Aug 06, 1988, age: 62yr
Grove, William Raymond, b. 1906, d. 1986, Husband and Father, #1456
Gruber, Emil, b. Sep 11, 1929, d. Jun 05, 1997, Husband and father, s/by Ruzena
Guthrie, J., d. Aug 18, 1981, age 74yr, QX5054 2/3 Reserve Motor Transport Coy, friend of Phillip and Dorothy Feldman
Haddon, William Albert, d. Feb 25, 1975, age 75yr
Haidle, Patricia May, b. May 02, 1934, d. Jul 06, 1988
Hall, Alfred George, d. Feb 27, 1998, age 90yr, s/w Violet May
Hall, Arthur James, d. Mar 30, 1976, age: 66yr
Hall, Cecelia, d. Oct 20, 1933, age 79yr, s/w Joseph
Hall, Doris Violet, d. Aug 29, 1923
Hall, Eliza, d. Jul 11, 1893, s/w Henry John
Hall, Gilbert, d. Nov 04, 1956, age 80yr, Father, s/w Mary
Hall, Godfrey Foy, d. Nov 01, 1990, age: 76yr
Hall, Helen Muriel, b. Feb 09, 1924, d. Jan 23, 1999, ashes
Hall, Henry John, d. Feb 08, 1900, s/w Eliza
Hall, Joseph, d. Jan 23, 1929, age 81yr, s/w his wife Cecelia
Hall, Mary, d. Jul 29, 1975, Mother, age 83yr, s/w Gilbert
Hall, Robert Charles, d. Jul 13, 1981?, age 68yr, very hard to read
Hall, Victor Norman, d. Dec 16, 1996, age: 67yr, ashes
Hall, Violet May, d. Jul 30, 1967, age 60yr, s/w Alfred George
Hamann, Ah Mui, b. 1934, d. 1984, Loved Wife and Mother
Hambrecht, Annie Elizabeth, d. Aug 15, 1940, age 69yr, Wife and Mother, s/w George
Hambrecht, George, d. Sep 13, 1956, age 76yr, Husband and Father, s/w Annie
Hamilton, Katrien Lisa, d. Aug 09, 1997
Hammond, Ellen, d. Feb 22, 1972, age 75yr, Dear wife and mother, s/w William J
Hammond, William J, d. Jun 11, 1976, age 80yr, s/w Ellen
Hannah, Dorothea Maria, d. Aug 27, 1917, age 30yr, difficult to read, may be incorrect, Our mother
Hansell, Ann, d. Jul 29, 1938, age 93yr, s/w Mary Jane and William
Hansell, Ernest, d. Apr 21, 1955, age 83yr, at base of Ann, Wm and Mary Jane
Hansell, Mary Jane, d. Nov 29, 1953, age: 75yr, s/w Ann and William
Hansell, William, d. Jul 25, 1933, age: 89yr, s/w Ann and Mary Jane, Dear Husband
Hanson, Leonard, d. Feb 08, 1996, age: 63yr
Harris, Mervyn John, d. Dec 23, 1997, age: 67yr, ashes
Harris, Nicole Michele, d. Jun 21, 1980, age 3yr, photo
Hart, Amelia 'Emelie', d. May 20, 1975, age 80yr, Our dearest Mother
Hartley, Edith Marie, d. Jan 24, 1995, age: 80yr, ashes
Hartley, Roy Edmund, d. Feb 24, 1990, age: 76yr, ashes
Hartley, Yvonne Doreen, no dates, age: 63yr
Harvey, Martin Bayden, d. Feb 10, 2001, age: 94yr, ashes
Harvey, Violet Grace, b. Feb 12, 1908, d. Mar 09, 1973, age 65yr, Our Dear Mother
Haslewood, Alexia Mamie Jean, d. Oct 23, 1992, age: 79yr, ashes
Haslewood, Leslie Donald, b. Nov 22, 1908, d. Mar 13, 2001, ashes
Hathaway, Archie Roy, d. May 30, 1992, age: 87yr, ashes
Hathaway, Catherine, d. Nov 27, 1919, age 69yr, s/w Leonard Henry & Leonard George
Hathaway, Elsie Rose, d. Feb 22, 1993, age: 86yr, ashes
Hathaway, Keven, d. Jun 19, 1985, age: 49yr
Hathaway, Leonard George, d. Oct 03, 1926, age 41yr, s/w & s/o Catherine and ? Henry
Hathaway, Leonard Henry, d. Jun 16, 1940, age: 93yr, stone broken, s/w Catherine and Leonard George
Hausmann, Florence Mary, d. May 31, 1966, Our Mother and his wife, s/w John
Hausmann, John, d. Aug 16, 1951, Our Father, Dear husband, s/w Florence mary
Hausmann, Ruby Gladys, d. Sep 28, 1973, s/w Sydney Louis, OUr dear Mother
Hausmann, Sydney Louis, d. Dec 10, 1990, Our Dear father, s/w Ruby Gladys
Haussmann, Christian, d. Aug 30, 1929, age 78yr, s/w Margaret, Father
Haussmann, Margaret, d. Jun 12, 1928, age 76yr, s/w Christian, Mother
Haworth, Elma, d. Mar 26, 1951, s/w Gertrude and Joseph
Haworth, Gertrude, d. Dec 20, 1968, Our dear Mother, s/w Elma and Joseph
Haworth, John, d. May 1926, age 75yr?, h/o Rosanna, hard to read
Haworth, Joseph, d. May 22, 1945, My dear husband and our father
Haworth, Lily, d. Jul 30, 1947, s/w John and Rosanna
Haworth, Rosanna, d. Dec 04, 1936?, age 85yr, s/w John and Lily
Hayes, Bridget, d. May 24, 1942
Hayes, James, d. Jun 25, 1948, s/by Bridget
Hayes, Margaret Mary, d. Oct 12, 1951
Hayton, Myles O'Dwyer, b. Oct 07, 1919, d. Feb 07, 1985, h/o Isabel, f/o Colleen, Mary, Edward and John
Heenan, T. J., d. Feb 15, 1950, age 63yr, 7097 Private, 9th Battalion AIF
Hegarty, Ethel Marion, d. May 25, 1989, age: 80yr, s/w John Daniel Hegarty
Hegarty, John Daniel, d. Oct 20, 1977, age 49yr, Our dear Son and Brother
Henderson, Daisy Adeline, d. Feb 04, 1995, age: 78yr, ashes
Henderson, Ella, b. 1902, d. 1985
Henderson, Ethel, d. Aug 11, 1957, Wife and Mother, s/w Walter Henry
Henderson, Henry, d. Nov 01, 1947, accident, age 28yr 11mo, s/w Jessie
Henderson, Isabella, d. Sep 03, 1946, s/w Wm John
Henderson, James Albert, d. May 16, 1993, age: 53yr, ashes
Henderson, James, d. Jul 03, 1987, age: 70yr
Henderson, Jessie, d. Feb 10, 1979, age 56yr, s/w Henry
Henderson, Roy Joseph, d. Mar 13, 1997, age: 85yr, ashes
Henderson, W. S. S., d. Oct 11, 1957, age 56yr, 458 Shoeing Smith, 2 Light Horse Field Ambulance
Henderson, Walter Henry Ernest, d. Aug 24, 1961, age 82yr, s/w Ethel
Henderson, William John, d. Sept 29, 1934, s/o Isabella
Hennessey, Patrick, b. Jul 19, 1926, d. Sep 27, 1989, Husband, father, father-in-law and gfather
Henry, Alfred, d. May 22, 1908, h/o Margaret Toms
Herborn, Albert George, d. Feb 24, 1988, age: 55yr, ashes
Herman, Anna Elizabeth, d. Feb 11, 1942, age 80yr
Hesterman, Freddy, b. Apr 16, 1922, d. Oct 10, 1981
Hewett, Catherine, d. Aug 23, 1912, age 19yr
Hewett, Ellen Nielsen, d. May 05, 19-4
Hewett, Jessie, d. Aug 31, 1927, age 66yr, w/o Henry
Hewett, Marjorie Jean, d. Mar 29, 1932, d/o W.I. & E.J. Hewitt
Hewett, William H, d. May 06, 1884?, age 45yr, s/w family
Hewitt, Henry, b. Feb 08, 1858 New Forest Eng, d. Jul 28, 1940, s/w Rubina
Hewitt, Julie Leanne, d. Sep 05, 1997, age: 36yr, ashes
Hewitt, Mary Rose, d. Sep 14, 1965, Age 91yr
Hewitt, Mary Whyte, d. Nov 14, 1974, age 74yr, Our dear mother, s/w Victor Henry
Hewitt, Rubina Hay, b. Dec 31, 1868 Perth Scotland, d. Jan 08, 1941, s/w Henry
Hewitt, Victor Henry, d. Aug 22, 1987, age 90yr, Our dear father, s/w Mary Whyte
Hewitt, William Brode, d. Jul 29, 1987, age: 64yr, ashes
Hicks, Madeline Ona, d. May 31, 1992, age: 86yr, ashes
Hiddlestone, David Ronald, d. Jan 22, 1997, age: 71yr, ashes
Hill, Alice, d. Aug 13, 1957, age 84yr, s/w & d/o Geo and Elizabeth
Hill, Elizabeth, d. Aug 18, 1924, age 84yr 6mo, s/w & w/o George
Hill, George, d. May 23, 1923, age 84yr 4mo, s/w & h/o Elizabeth
Hill, Monica Maureen, d. Mar 21, 1990, age 56yr, Dear wife and mother
Hill, Ronald Joseph, b. Feb 07, 1924, d. Sep 04, 1993, Most Dearly loved Husband, Father and Grandfather
Hindom, John, b. May 20, 1919, d. Dec 28, 1971
Hinton, Catherine, d. Dec 03, 1940, age 68yr, s/w her beloved husband Elijah
Hinton, Elijah, d. Jan 18, 1946, age 76yr, s/w Catherine
Hobson, James, d. May 04, 1909, age 63yr, s/w Wilhelmina
Hobson, Jessie Scott, d. Aug 14, 1953, w/o Walter, gentle wife and mother
Hobson, Walter, d. Jun 26, 1963, age 81yr, devoted Father, s/w Jessie Scott
Hobson, Wilhelmina, d. Jul 1941, age 84yr, w/o James
Hoffman, Annie, d. Dec 22, 1965, age 85yr, s/w George Jacob, hard to read
Hoffman, George Jacob, d. Jul 30, 1940 age 65yr, s/w his wife Annie
Hogno, David Jeffrey, b. May 26, 1954, d. Mar 12, 1977, accident
Holbut, Glenn William, b. Nov 10, 1984, d. Aug 20, 1985
Holley, Alwyn John, d. Mar 19 , 1998, age: 63yr
Hollist, Lucy, d. Mar 22, 1975, Our Mother, age 92yr
Holman, Melinda, d. May 27, 1952, age 53yr, Dear Wife
Holmes, William, d. Sep 30, 1979, age 55yr, Our Dear Brother
Holt, Alice Ann, d. Nov 23, 1920, age 40yr, Dear Mother, s/w Violet her dau
Holt, Alice, b. 1895, d. 1988, My dear Mother, s/w Herbert
Holt, Alice, d. Jul 31, ?, age 8yr
Holt, Doreen Evelyn, d. Mar 1943, 6mo, d/o Wm & Rebecca, s/w Owen, William and Rebecca
Holt, Herbert Cecil, d. Jun 23, 1968, age 74yr, s/w Alice, A.I.F. WWI
Holt, Joseph, d. Oct 10, 1988, age 86yr
Holt, Lucy Harriet, d. Sep 26, 1985, age 79yr, s/w Joseph
Holt, Owen Campbell, d. Aug 1937, 4mo, s/o Wm & Rebecca, s/w Doreen, William and Rebecca
Holt, Rebecca May, d. Sep 12, 1997, age 82yr, w/o Wm, s/w Doreen, William and Owen
Holt, Violet, d. Nov 17, 1929, age 18yr, s/w Alice
Holt, Walter, d. Dec 30, 1917, age 9yr
Holt, William Cecil, b. Aug 18, 1934, d. Apr 16, 1986, Son and brother, s/w Murray Lynch
Holt, William Fredrick, d. Nov 05, 1938, age 76yr, s/w Alice and Walter
Holt, William, d. Mar 23, 1977, age 79yr, h/o Rebecca, s/w Doreen, Owen and Rebecca
Hooper, H. E. 'Pat', d. Sep 25, 1970, age: 57yr
Horton, John Douglas, d. Nov 28, 1987, age: 80yr, ashes
Horton, T. P., d. Sep 09, 1983, age 90yr, 15626 Driver 2nd Field Co Engineers AIF
Hough, Minnie, d. Mar 31, 1994, age: 92yr
Houghton, Florence Grace, d. Jul 15, 1973, age 85yr, s/w George Henry, Mum
Houghton, George Henry, d. Feb 23, 1976, age 94yr, Dad, s/w Florence Grace
Howard, Grace, d. Jun 04, 1975, age 61yr, s/w Ray
Howard, Ray, d. Feb 22, 1972, age 65yr, s/w Grace
Howden, Phoebe Vera, b. Feb 17, 1914 Grimsby Eng, d. Jul 22, 1979
Hubbard, Reginald Leslie, d. Sep 02, 1990, age: 66yr, ashes
Hubbard, Terence Alan, d. Dec 09, 1998, age: 48yr, ashes
Hughes, Charles, d. Oct 28, 1918, h/o and s/w Mary
Hughes, Mary, d. Dec 05, 1915, age 80yr, w/o and s/w Charles
Hughes, Polly, d. Jun 14, 1980, age 76yr, s/w Walter
Hughes, Walter J, d. Dec 25, 1953, age 49yr, Mason, s/w Polly
Hungerford, Isabella Mary Mayo, b. Jan 26, 1890, d. Nov 18, 1985, age 95yr, Our dear mother
Hunt, Ellen, d. Aug 15, 1966, age 93yr, s/w Henry Stephen
Hunt, Henry Stephen, d. Jul 11, 1934, age 68yr, s/w Ellen
Hunter, Patricia Joy, b. May 04, 1930, d. Jul 03, 1987, Mother, Nanna and sister
Hutchison, H. A. M., d. Jan 12, 1952, age 64yr, Q164778 Corporal Infantry Hq Inf Trg Bn
Hyde, Jennifer Lee, b. Aug 31, 1982, d. Sep 09, 1982
Iljas, John Musa, d. May 19, 1967, age 18yr, Our Dear Son and Brother
Ilyas, Gani, d. Jun 12, 1969, age 67yr, Husband and father
Imber, Bessie Edith, b. Jun 12, 1921, d. Nov 04, 1998, age 77yr 5mo, s/o Fred Wise
Inmann, Otto Gustavius, b. Mar 26, 1905, 35yr??, hard to read
Ireland, Alec Arthur, b. Jan 04, 1909 London, d. Feb 08, 1984 Brisbane, My dear Husband and Father, former Chairman Initial Services ltd, s/w Violet
Ireland, Violet Rebecca, b. Jan 20, 1906, d. Oct 18, 1998, Our Dear Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, s/w Alec Arthur
Ives, Stanley William, d. Nov 20, 1994, age: 64yr, ashes
Jackson, Alan Rae, d. Feb 22, 1995, age: 74yr
Jackson, Barry Clyde, b. (Dec 22) 1943, d. (Sep 01) 1987
Jackson, C. H., d. Jan 19, 1989, age 70yr, QX20694 Gunner 2/14 field Regiment R.A.A., s/w Edna
Jackson, Debora Mary, d. Feb 19, 1958, age 17mo, Our Darling baby daughter
Jackson, Edna Mavis, b. Oct 29, 1919, d. Sep 14, 1989, w/o C.H.
Jackson, Jessie, d. Mar 28, 1938, age 36yr, d/o Louisa and Frederick Nicholson
Jackson, Kate, d. Jul 19, 1944, age 72yr, s/w Michael
Jackson, Michael McDonald, d. Jan 24, 1921, working Kilcoy Line, s/w Kate
Jacobi, Dieter, b. Jun 20, 1936, d. Nov 20, 1983
Jacobi, Mia, b. Jun 06, 1914, d. Jun 30, 1994, Dear Mother and Oma, s/w Werner
Jacobi, Werner, b. Apr 10, 1915, d. Jun 27, 1982, s/w Mia, Dear Husband, Father and Pop
James, Bertha, d. Feb 24, 1925, age 33yr, s/w William Henry
James, Caroline L, d. Sep 15, 1957, age 65yr, s/w Herbert E
James, Cecil, d. Oct 02, 1994, age 54yr, my dear husband
James, Colin Richard, d. May 24, 1991, age: 65yr, ashes
James, Elizabeth, d. Jun 17, 1953, age 90yr
James, Herbert E, d. May 11, 1948, age 64yr, s/w Caroline L
James, Herbert Richard, d. Sep 19, 1945, age 63yr
James, William Henry, d. Mar 17, 1924, age 32yr
Janissen, Judy, d. sep 16, 1975, age 9yr
Jarvis, George, no dates, s/w Sarah, Father
Jarvis, Sarah, no dates, Mother, s/w George
Javes, Hester (Allan), d. Sep 23, 1998, age 84yr, s/w Donald Allan
Jeffery, Walter James, d. Oct 29, 1989, age: 61yr, ashes
Jeffrey, William Patrick, d. Feb 03, 1994, age: 70yr, ashes
Jenkin, Annie, age 84yr, s/w William
Jenkin, William, d. Jul 16, 1968, age 77yr, s/w Annie
Jenkins, Ann, d. Feb 09, 2000, age: 85yr
Jenkins, Harold, d. Jan 06, 1999, age: 85yr
Jenkins, Muriel May, b. Sep 04, 1921, d. Jun 08, 1975, Wife, Mother & Nanny
Jennings, Annette Rae, b. Aug 14, 1951 NZ, d. Feb 10, 1993, age: 41yr, w/o Toby, m/o Tracy and Michael
Jensen, Allan Antoney, b. Nov 05, 1969, d. Nov 06, 1969
Jensen, Dorothea Marie, d. Dec 14, 1935, age 82yr, w/o Soren
Jensen, Soren, d. Nov 05, 1919, age 69yr, s/w Dorothea Marie
Jerrett, Clyde John, d. Mar 12, 1976, age 26yr, Son and Brother
Johnson, Alfred, d. Jul 29, 199?, age 59yr?, h/o Eliza
Johnson, Amy Hall, d. Mar 23, 1994, age: 73yr
Johnson, Anders, d. May 19, 1903, age 64yr, s/w Pauline, very difficult to read
Johnson, August, d. May 11, 1929, age 65yr, s/o & s/w Pauline and Anders
Johnson, Benjamin, d. Jun 23, 1994, age: 71yr
Johnson, Grant A, d. Jan 31, 1995, age: 22yr
Johnson, Pauline, d. May 19, 1899, age 40yr, w/o Anders
Johnston, Sarah Ann, d. Apr 20, 1992, age: 96yr, ashes
Jones, Ashley Maree, b. Sep 14, 1989, d. Sep 14, 1989
Jones, Betha Mary, d. Jun 08, 1920, age: 50yr
Josephson, Kevin Anthony, d. Mar 03, 1984, age 70yr
Joy, William 'Happy', d. Apr 19, 1987, from Lodges 41&201
Jurgens, Anna Dorothea, d. Jul 09, 1947, age 67yr, Sister, Auntie
Jurss, Wilfred Cecil, b. Oct 14, 1927, d. Oct 01, 1983, Loving Husband, Our Father and Pappy
Kable, Wilfred Walter, b. Dec 29, 1906, d. Jul 07, 1977
Kaddatz, Gordon Frederick, d. Mar 07, 1995, age 64yr, Loving Husband, Father and Grandad, s/w Janice Dawn
Kaddatz, Janice Dawn, d. Aug 17, 1990, age 50yr, Loving Wife, Mother and Nanny, s/w Gordon Frederick
Kaddatz, Maria, d. Mar 03, 1980, age: 72yr, Our Mother, Grandmother and Greatgrandmother
Karger, Mathew, d. Dec 4, 2000, age: 66yr
Kasberger, Ida, d. Nov 24, 1972, age 64yr, s/w Oswald
Kasberger, Oswald, d. Jun 12, 1975, age 73yr, s/w and h/o Ida
Kearnan, Catherine, d. Jul 05, 1969, s/by Matthew C, His Wife
Kearnan, Matthew C, d. Aug 27, 1957, My Dear Husband, s/by Catherine
Keating, M. T., d. Jul 31, 1978, Age 86yr, 4816 Private 9th Battalion AIF
Keehn, Albert Arthur, d. Oct 21, 1991, age: 70yr, ashes
Keehn, Laurence John, b. Apr 27, 1929, d. Jul 30, 1969, 'Groucho', Our dear brother
Keillor, David Keith, d. Aug 12, 1983, age: 29yr, ashes
Kelly, Kathleen, d. Aug 09, 1985, age 80yr, s/w Reginald, Dear Mother
Kelly, Kelly Lilian, d. Apr 10, 1998, age: 86yr, ashes
Kelly, Mary Ann, d. Aug 23, 1980, age 48yr, Wive and Mother
Kelly, Reginald, d. Oct 23, 1985, age 89yr, Dear Father, s/w Kathleen
Kelly, W. L., d. Feb 08, 1987, age 74yr, QX23563 Signalman, Signals 1 Aust Division, h/o Jean
Kemp, Amelia, d. May 25, 1933, age 61yr, s/w Henry
Kemp, Henry, d. Nov 02, 1946, s/w Amelia
Kennedy, Daniel, d. Jun 18, 1951, s/w Sinnifred and Eileen
Kennedy, Eileen Margaret, d. Sep 29, 1933, s/w Winnifred and Daniel
Kennedy, Winnifred, d. Mar 24, 1927, s/w Eileen and Daniel
Kent, James Henry, d. Feb 06, 1961
Kent, Reginald Rupert, b. May 16, 1924, d. Jun 22, 1985, s/w Valerie
Kent, Valerie, b. Dec 21, 1924, d. Oct 31, 1994, s/w Reginald R
Kenway, Allan Douglas, no dates, age 62yr, h/o Doreen
Keogh, John Joseph, d. Jan 31, 1977, age 86yr, s/w Mary and Patricia, Father
Keogh, Mary Alice, d. Sep 14, 1955, age 53yr, My beloved wife and our Mother
Keogh, Patricia, d. Jul 30, 2956, age 28yr, My dear daughter and our sister, s/w Mary and John
Kerim, Demis, b. Aug 15, 1888, d. Jan 08, 1990, age 101yr, Our Dear Brother and Uncle
Kerim, Jeffrey, d. Apr 19, 1975, age 17yr, dear Son and Brother
Kerrigan, Edward Patrick, b. May 09, 1928, d. Jul 23, 1987
Keys, Catherine Mary, b. Nov 03, 1948, d. Oct 28, 1980, photo
Kimber, Russell Charles, b. Nov 07, 1978, d. Jul 10, 1981
Kinde, Albert Herman, d. Apr 04, 1928, age 46yr, s/w Harriet Ann and Edna Edith
King, Nina Mary, d. Jan 17, 1978
Kingston, Hector Horace, d. Jun 03, 1956, age 66yr, s/w Olive, My dear Husband
Kingston, Olive Cecelia, d. Jun 22, 1982, age 95yr, s/w Hector, Our dear Mother
Kipping, Alice Winifred, d. Nov 02, 1946, age 82yr, w/o Henry Joseph
Kipping, Henry Joseph, d. Mar 23, 1924, age 60yr, beloved husband of Alice W
Kipping, Roy Clarence, d. Aug 31, 1940, age 48yr
Kirkwood, Elsie Christina, d. Jun 14, 1974, age 60yr, Dear wife and Mother, s/w William and Judith
Kirkwood, Judith Ann, d. Oct 29, 1949, age 8mo, s/w Elsie and William
Kirkwood, William, d. Nov 22, 1982, age 83yr, Dear husband and father, s/w Elsie and Judith
Kitson, Arthur Harold, d. Sep 22, 1981, age 61yr, My dear husband
Knapp, Leila, d. Nov 30, 1995, age: 80yr
Koopstra, Wendy Joan, d. Jul 05, 1998, age: 36yr, ashes
Krause, Albert Carl Otto, d. May 10, 1925, age 42yr
Krieger, Dulcie Joycealine, d. Jun 13, 1970, age: 45yr, Wife and Mother
Kropp, Adolph Friedrich Wilhelm, d. Dec 26, 1942, age 73yr, s/w Louisa
Kropp, Dora, d. 1895, age 2mo, s/w Louisa
Kropp, Fredericke Charlotte, d. Nov 01, 1932, age 87yr, w/o and s/w Christian Frederich
Kropp, Louisa, d. 1982, age 82yr, s/w Dora
Kropp, Louisa, d. Oct 10, 1954, age 88yr, s/w & w/o Adolph Friedrich
Kunde, Edna Edith, d. Aug 19, 1922, age 6yr, d/o & s/w Albert Herman and Harriet Ann
Kunde, Gertrude Rose, d. Aug 04, 1987, age 77yr, Our dear Mother, s/w Joseph
Kunde, Harriet Ann, d. Sep 28, 1978, age 57yr, Mother, s/w Albert Herman and Edna Edith
Kunde, Joseph, d. Aug 04, 1958, age 64yr, My dear Husband and our Father, s/w Gertrude Rose

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