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Caboolture Cemetery
Caboolture Shire, Queensland, Australia

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Sep 13, 2002 [mrail@asisna.com].

Abell, Catherine Maree, b. Nov 10, 1980, d. Mar 17, 1986, our daughter and sister
Abell, Harold John, d. Jan 17, 1999, age: 68yr
Abell, Norma Joyce, d. Mar 03, 2001, age: 79yr
Adams, Annie Lydia, b. 1912, d. 1990, s/w George
Adams, George, b. 1908, d. 1989, s/w Annie Lydia
Adams, Letitia Violet, d. Feb 25, 1980, 11mo, s/w William Hedley
Adams, William Hedley, d. Oct 17, 1987, age 77yr, s/w Letitia Violet
Addison, Daniel, d. Sep 30, 1938, age: 77yr, s/w Ann
Addison, Ann, d. May 06, 1922, age: 65yr
Ahern, Bernard Joseph, b. Sep 24, 1902, d. Jun 03, 1926, s/w & s/o Mary and Patrick
Ahern, Bridget Agnes, d. Nov 15, 1964, age 86yr, dear Mother, s/w George
Ahern, Drewie, d. May 16, 1913, age4yr 11mo, s/o George and Brigid
Ahern, Ellen Margaret, d. Mar 23, 1963, d. o Mary and Patrick
Ahern, Ellen, b. Co Cork, d. Sep 01, 1911, age 81yr
Ahern, George, d. Dec 15, 1942, age 70yr, Husband and Father, s/w Bridget Agnes
Ahern, James Michael, d. Mar 24, 1944, age 38yr, s/w Michael, Mary and Josephine
Ahern, John David, d. Oct 08, 1971, age 83yr, s/w Nellie Constance
Ahern, John Patrick, d. Nov 17, 1945, age 38yr
Ahern, John, b. Co Cork, d. Jan 30, 1908, age 77yr, s/w his wife Ellen
Ahern, Josephine, d. Feb 20, 1948, age 37yr, s/w Michael, James and Mary
Ahern, Mary Agnes, b. May 10, 1873, d. May 11, 1935, Our Mother, s/w Bernard and Patrick
Ahern, Mary Frances, d. Apr 21, 1951, age 87yr, w/o William
Ahern, Mary, d. Dec 02, 1952, age 82yr, s/w Michael, James and Josephine
Ahern, Michael, d. Dec 07, 1944, age 75yr, s/w Mary, James and Josephine
Ahern, Nellie Constance, d. Aug 15, 1957, age 56yr, s/w John David
Ahern, Patrick, d. Jul 12, 1884, d. Mar 18, 1938, Dear Father, s/w Mary and Bernard
Ahern, Tot, d. Jul 12, 1926, s/w Wm, Mary and Wm Pat, daughter
Ahern, William Patrick, d. Jul 27, 1967, s/w Mary Frances
Ahern, William, d. Oct 18, 1917, age 57yr, s/w Tot, Mary and Wm Pat, Father
Alback, Edith Watts, b. Dec 07, 1919, d. May 16, 1990, w/o and s/w William John
Alback, William John, b. Nov 15, 1914, d. Jul 16, 1994, s/w Edith Watts, Dear Father
Alcock, Joan, d. Mar 09, 1944, age 24yr
Allan, Donald, d. Aug 31, 1947, age 47yr, s/w Hester Javes
Allan, Henry, d. Oct 22, 1948, age 78yr
Allen, Janet Margaret, d. Dec 25, 1989, age: 37yr
Allum, Fredrick, d. Jun 17, 1996, age: 73yr
Alzino, Riccardo, d. Dec 08, 1974, age 69yr, dear husband and our father
Anderson, A. A., d. Jun 02, 1967, age 59yr, QX35744 Sapper, Survey Corps AIF
Anderson, Donald, no date, age 4mo, s/w Elizabeth and Valma
Anderson, Elizabeth, b. 1896, d. 1984, s/w Valma
Anderson, Helen, d. Jan 23, 1983, age: 82yr
Anderson, Ian Hamilton, d. Jun 04, 1956, age 17yr, s/w Samuel Sharpe and James Anderson
Anderson, James Dobie, d. Nov 13, 1959, age 68yr, s/w Ian Anderson and Samuel Sharpe
Anderson, Jason David, d. May 26, 1972, age 3mo 21da
Anderson, Kym Marie, b. May 22, 1967, d. May 24, 1967
Anderson, Lillian winifred, d. Mar 11, 1922, age 67yr, w/o Graham
Anderson, Valma, d. 1930, age 4mo, s/w Elizabeth
Andrews, Andrew Laurence, b. 1927, d. 1989
Anson, Grace Marion, d. Mar 06, 1998, age 93yr, Beloved wife, and our mother
Anson, Robert Henry, d. Feb 20, 1984, age 84yr, s/w Grace, Beloved Husband and Father
Anson, Robert William, d. Jul 22, 1990, age: 64yr, ashes
Arbon, Doris, d. Aug 26, 1986, age: 71yr
Arnold, Leslie George, d. Mar 23, 1985, age: 53yr
Arnold, Mirven William, b. Apr 13, 1916, d. Apr 23, 1989
Arnold, Sharyn Louise, d. Jun 29, 1988, age: 23yr, ashes
Atkins, Ethel May, d. Sep 16, 1994, age: 76yr
Atkins, Michael Reginald, d. Mar 21, 1985, age: 69yr, ashes
Atwood, Mary Ann, d. Jan 30, 1943, age 64yr, s/w William James
Atwood, William James, d. Feb 15, 1944, age 67yr, s/w Mary Ann
Aucin, Jeanette, d. Aug 29, 1983, aged 58yr
Auld, Charlotte, d. Dec 07, 1984, age 84yr
Badham, William Hodson, d. Jul 25, 1999, age: 84yr, ashes
Bagshaw, Arthur William, d. Aug 21, 1935, age 77yr, Our dear Father
Baigrie, Zillah, b. May 10, 1891, d. Mar 13, 1976
Bailey, John Roger, d. Sep 09, 1995, age: 37yr
Baillie, Mavis Rachel, b. Oct 1916, d. Mar 1985
Baker, Arthur Bramwell, b. Jan 09, 1966, d. Mar 12, 1985
Baker, Arthur Clement, d. Nov 21, 1940, age 47yr, s/w Mary Anne and Richard, at base
Baker, Elizabeth Beasley, d. Jun 22, 1954, age 54yr, My dear wife
Baker, Elsie Mabel, d. Dec 08, 1952, age 57yr, dear sister
Baker, George Vincent, d. May 31, 1899, age 10mo, s/w Wm Henry
Baker, John David, d. Nov 01, 1970, accident, dear Husband and father, s/w Kathleen U
Baker, Kathleen U 'Tiny', d. Aug 09, 1996, age 89yr, Mother and Wife, s/w John David
Baker, Mary Anne, d. Jan 01, 1939, age 68yr, w/o & s/w Richard
Baker, Richard, d. Apr 25, 1953, age 87yr, s/w and h/o Mary Anne
Baker, Stanley Edward, d. Feb 05, 1975, age 73yr, Dear Husband
Baker, William Henry, d. Nov 02, 1891, age 5mo, s/w George
Balfour, Leslie Lawrence, d. Jan 11, 1986, Stillborn
Barber, Earnest Fredrick, d. Oct 16, 1946, age 38yr, s/w William Henry
Barber, Ivy Eleanor, d. Nov 07, 1967, Our Dear Mother, s/by Bill
Barber, Patrick Joseph, d. Apr 25, 1949, age 24yr, Husband and Father
Barber, William 'Bill', d. Jan 23, 1965, My Dear Husband, s/by Ivy Eleanor
Barber, William Henry, d. Nov 14, 1946, age 38yr, s/w Earnest Fredrick
Barclay, Thelma, d. Jan 22, 2002, age: 81yr
Barden, Emily, d. Jun 20, 1969, age 68yr, s/w George A
Barden, George Alfred, d. May 24, 1953, age 79yr, s/w Emily
Barr, John Anderson, d. NOv 15, 1943, age 11yr
Barrett, Flora M, b. 1904, d. 1978, s/w Mervyn M
Barrett, Mervyn M, b. 1898, d. 1992, s/w Flora M
Barrie, Thomas, d. Jan 28, 1991, age: 81yr
Barry, Jean Kathleen, d. Apr 13, 1990, age 65yr, Wife, Mother and Grandmother
Bartha, Antal, b. 1916, d. 1988
Barton, Joshua, b. 1886, d. 1968, My dear husband, s/w Mary
Barton, Kean, d. Jan 21, 1983, accidentally Killed, age: 4yr 9mo, s/w Niall
Barton, Mary, b. 1894, d. 1989, s/w Joshua her husband
Barton, Niall, d. Jan 21, 1983, accidentally Killed, age: 5yr 9mo, s/w Kean
Bashi, Lillian, d. Mar 29, 1965, age 49yr, My dear wife
Batchelor, Jack, b. Jan 02, 1939, d. Aug 13, 1989
Battersby, Allen Stewart, d. Jul 18, 1881, age 8yr, youngest s/o Matthew and Jane
Battersby, Jane, d. May 11, 1882, age 52yr, w/o Matthew Battersby
Battersby, Matthew, d. May 15, 1889, age 57yr, s/w and h/o Jane
Battersby, Sylvia May, d. Apr 30, 1905, grandchild, s/w Jane and Matther
Bauer, C. C., d. Oct 28, 1967, age 48yr, 425481 Flying Officer, Royal Australian Air Force, Dearly loved by wife Lola, f/o Janelle and Deborah
Bauer, George F, b. Jan 24, 1895, d. Dec 03, 1982, s/w Jane, Our beloved parents
Bauer, Jane, b. Mar 17, 1899, d. Nov 29, 1974, s/w George F, Our beloved parents
Bauer, Lola May, d. Dec 12, 1971, age 50yr, Our Dear mother, s/by C.C.
Beale, Edith Eileen, d. Sep 27, 1917, age 1yr 7mo, s/w Anna Bohl
Beausang, Andrew William George 'Beau', d. Apr 06, 1983, age: 69yr
Beavis, Alexander Francis, d. Jun 19, 2000, age: 72yr, ashes
Beavis, Lorna Vanda, d. Jun 28, 1992, age: 51yr, ashes
Bechly, Fredrick George, d. Nov 1982, age 72yr, s/w Rose, photo
Bechly, Rose Elizabeth, b. 1909, d. 1990, Mother and grandmother, s/w Fredrick
Beck, Alice Marion, d. Mar 23, 1991, age: 52yr
Beckwith, Emma, d. Aug 22, 1977, age 89yr, s/w Henry Reed
Beckwith, Henry Reed, d. Dec 29, 1946, age 62yr, dear husband and father
Behrens, Alexander, d. Jul 19, 1981, age 62yr, photo, s/w Minnie
Behrens, Charles H, b. Jan 08, 1880, d. Jun 03, 1963, shares Behrens Family stone, Cpl George C Behrens, interred LAE Jan 21, 1944
Behrens, Dora, d. Nov 01, 1960, age 73yr, s/w Herman
Behrens, Earnest August, d. Mar 23, 1970, age 77yr, Father and brother
Behrens, Elizabeth E, b. NOv 22, 1898, d. Nov 03, 1989, shares Behrens Family stone, Pte Walter Behrens, interred Atherton Jun 05, 1944
Behrens, Emma Elizabeth, d. Jul 10, 1988, age 98yr, s/w Ronald and Johann
Behrens, Eva G, d. Sep 02, 1939, age 34yr
Behrens, Henry, d. Jul 15, 1902, age 72yr, s/w Wilhelmine
Behrens, Herman, d. Oct 27, 1963, age 81yr
Behrens, Johann Willie, d. Apr 15, 1958, age 72yr, s/w Emma Elizabeth and Ronald
Behrens, Laurence, b. Feb 04, 1923, d. Apr 08, 1989, age 65yr
Behrens, Lesley Henry 'Brumpy', b. Jul 07, 1907, d. Jul 30, 1984, s/w Sylvia Myrtle, Father and Grandfather
Behrens, Louise A, d. Apr 18, 1938, age 57yr
Behrens, Minnie Ida, d. Jul 13, 2001, age 79yr, s/w Alexander, Loving wife and darling mother
Behrens, Minnie Rosalie, d. Mar 07, 1891, age 9yr
Behrens, Myrtle, b. Mar 14, 1916, d. Aug 02, 1916
Behrens, Ronald, d. Sep 18, 1994, age 71yr, s/w Johann and Emma
Behrens, Sylvia Myrtle, b. Dec 04, 1907, d. Sep 04, 1974, s/w Leslie Henry, Wife, Mother and Grandmother
Behrens, Wilhelmine Johanna, d. Oct 24, 1924, age 68yr, s/w & w/o Henry
Behrens, William Henry, d. Oct 06, 1960
Belker, Luzie Wilhelmine, b. Mar 05, 1919, d. Aug 09, 1979
Bell, Agnes, d. Jul 29, 1927, age 62yr
Bell, Allan G, d. Apr 05, 1975, age 58yr
Bell, Arthur John, d. Feb 01, 1931, h/o Margaret, s/w John, Mary and Margaret
Bell, Arthur Robison, d. Apr 21, 1979, age: 63yr, my dear husband, our father and grandfather
Bell, Gloria Valerie, d. Nov 27, 1926, age 20mo
Bell, John, d. Nov 10, 1906, age 61yr, s/w Arthur, Margaret and his wife Mary
Bell, Margaret, d. Oct 24, 1945, age 63yr, s/w Mary and Arthur, w/o Arthur
Bell, Mary, d. Jun 25, 1943, age 96yr, s/w John, Arthur and Margaret, w/o John
Bell, Ronal Thomas, d. Sep 21, 1994, age: 77yr
Bell, Willie, no dates, age 8yr
Benson, Dorothy Jean, d. Sep 28, 1968, age 38yr, s/w & w/o William Allan
Benson, William Allan, d. Sep 02, 1998, age 73yr, s/w & h/o Dorothy Jean
Bentley, Ann Susannah, d. Apr 27, 1985, age 94yr, s/w Beryl and David
Bentley, Beryl, d. Apr 17, 1940, age 25yr, Our Beloved Daughter, s/w David
Bentley, David Harry, d. May 09, 1965, age 74yr, My dear Husband, our father and grandfather, s/w Beryl
Berick, P. J., d. Apr 08, 1990, age 71yr, NX13291 Lance Sergeant 1/4 Infantry Battalion AIF
Berry, Stuart William McLeish, d. Feb 24, 1995, age: 47yr, ashes
Bestmann, Caroline Elsabe Christine, d. May 25, 1924, age 74yr, Mother, s/w Hinrich
Bestmann, Edith Isabella, b. Feb 18, 1876, d. Apr 28, 1913, s/w John, Henrietta and Roy
Bestmann, Ellen Jane, d. Jul 08, 1955, age 71yr, s/w and w/o Frank William
Bestmann, Frank William, d. Jan 23, 1944, age 64yr, s/w and h/o Ellen Jane
Bestmann, Henrich Christian, d. Jan 16, 1948, age 70yr
Bestmann, Henrietta Jean, b. Jul 12, 1903, d. Jul 21, 1965, s/w Edith, John and Roy
Bestmann, Hinrich, d. May 22, 1924, age 75yr, Father, s/w Caroline Elsabe
Bestmann, John Frederick, b. Apr 03, 1875, d. Oct 29, 1941, s/w Edith, Henrietta and Roy
Bestmann, Roy John, b. Jun 15, 1903, d. May 26, 1966, s/w Edith, Henrietta and John
Beutel, Walter Frederick, d. Sep 12, 1975, age 53yr
Biggs, Bertha, d. Nov 19, 1978, age 100yr 10mo, Wife and Mother, s/w George Robert
Biggs, George Robert, d. Dec 01, 1955, age 85yr, Husband and Father, s/w Bertha
Biggs, John Thomas, d. Apr 02, 1956, age 88yr, s/w Mary Agnes
Biggs, Mary Agnes, d. Jul 04, 1953, age 79yr, s/w John Thomas
Biggs, Reginald, d. Jan 25, 1918, age 13mo, s/o G.R.& B.
Bird, Malcolm, d. Dec 23, 1989, age: 53yr
Bishop, Alfred Owen, d. Jun 05, 1975, age 82yr, s/w Christine, Dear Husband and Father
Bishop, Anthony John, b. Oct 20, 1944, Mar 23, 1981, h/o Donna Bishop
Bishop, Bryan Walter, b. Jan 22, 1943, d. Feb 03, 1943
Bishop, Christine Wilhelmine, d. Dec 25, 1968, age 70yr, s/w Alfred, Dear wife and mother
Bishop, Eda Caroline, d. May 02, 1963, age 70yr, s/w John Silby, Our dear Father
Bishop, Elsie May, d. May 05, 1946, age 54yr, s/w Walter Ernest
Bishop, Eric Stanley, d. Jun 12, 2008, age: 85yr, Australian Imperial Force
Bishop, Ernest Henry, b. Dec 21, 1914, d. Sep 25, 1969, QX30400, ashes
Bishop, George Edwin, d. Oct 26, 1942, age 56yr
Bishop, George Ivan, b. Jun 13, 1916, d. Apr 11, 1982, QX 14470
Bishop, George, d. Sep 01, 1914, age 58yr, Dear Husband, s/w Laura Jane
Bishop, Ivan Richard, b. Jan 22, 1943, d. Nov 15, 1989
Bishop, James, d. Mar 07, 1922, age 72yr, s/w Mary Ann
Bishop, John Silby, d. Jul 28, 1961, age 70yr, s/w Eda Caroline, Our dear Mother
Bishop, Laura Jane, d. Jan 05, 1925, age 71yr, w/o George
Bishop, Mary Ann, d. Apr 11, 1927, age 79yr, s/w James
Bishop, Myrtle Mildred, d. Oct 14, 1980, beloved mother of Ivan, Anthony and Lewis
Bishop, Roy Harold, d. Apr 18, 1976, age: 58yr
Bishop, Walter Ernest, d. Sep 02, 1948, age 60yr
Blake, Colin Kevin, b. May 15, 1924, d. Oct 13, 1990, s/w Kylie Maree Nicholls, Loving Husband, Father and Grandfather
Bleakley, Ralph, d. Jan 22, 1993, age: 79yr
Blee, Elizabeth Jane, d. Jun 24, 1927, age 77yr, dear Mother
Bliesner, Ian James, b. 1948, d. 1980, h/o Kathryn, f/o Sharyn, Joy, Ross and Terry
Blinks, Colin James, d. Jul 06, 1937, age 3yr, s/o Ella and Stanley
Blinks, Harry, d. Oct 09, 1942, age 64yr, s/w Maud Matilda
Blinks, Maud Matilda, d. Oct 02, 1949, age 69yr, s/w Harry
Blinks, Muriel Ella Dykes, b. Jul 17, 1900, d. May 18, 1989, s/o Stanley, m. Mar 02, 1929, m/o Maurice, Daphne, Colin, Alan and Leonard
Blinks, Stanley, b. Jul 06, 1906, d. Sep 05, 1994, m. Mar 02, 1929 to Muriel Ella Dykes in plot 739, s/o Harry & Maud in plot 614/615
Bloesch, Henri, d. Jul 09, 1985, age: 79yr
Blom, John Pierre, d. Jun 21, 1996, age: 64yr
Blower, George Henry, d. May 13, 1983, age: 98yr, ashes
Blower, Gladys Georgina, d. Aug 31, 1988, age: 93yr, ashes
Bloye, Edward Robert 'Snowy', d. Feb 23, 1982, age 54yr, Beloved husband, dad and grandad
Blunden, John Maxwell, d. Aug 27, 1986, age: 83yr, ashes
Boggs, William Alexander 'Bill', b. Nov 12, 1935, d. Aug 25, 1999, Loved Son, Brother and Loyal Friend, photo
Bohl, Anna Maria, d. Nov 18, 1901, age 49yr, s/w Edith Beale
Bonner, Agnes Laura, b. Jul 05, 1919, d. Feb 10, 1989
Booth, Annie Eliza, d. Jan 18, 1921, age 46yr, s/w Stanley F and James
Booth, James A.E., d. Dec 19, 1937, age 58yr, s/w his wife Annie and Stanley F
Booth, Stanley F, d. Mar 29, 1910, age 4mo, s/w James and Annie
Boudin, Francis A, d. Mar 05, 1941, age 81yr
Boustead, Ann, d. Dec 26, 1944, age 5da
Boustead, Bertie James, d. Sep 27, 1970, age 79yr, s/w Minnie Mary
Boustead, David Edward, d. Aug 22, 1920, age 72yr, s/w Harriet
Boustead, Edward Nye, d. Aug 09, 1969, age 66yr, Dear husband and father, s/w Merle Edith
Boustead, Ellen Melba, b. 1913, d. 1915, s/w Ellen, George, Evelyn M and Louis G
Boustead, Ellen, b. 1890, d. 1959, s/w George, Ellen Melba, Evelyn M and Louis G
Boustead, Evelyn Maude, b. 1917, d. 1917, s/w Ellen, Ellen Melba, George and Louis G
Boustead, George Edward, b. 1883, d. 1962, s/w Ellen, Ellen Melba, Evelyn M and Louis G
Boustead, Harriet, d. Mar 10, 1948, age 84yr, s/w David Edward
Boustead, Louis George, b. 1925, d. 1933, s/w Ellen, Ellen Melba, Evelyn M and George
Boustead, Merle Edith, d. Sep 21, 1997, age 90yr, Dear Mother and Grandma, s/w Edward Nye
Boustead, Minnie Mary, d. Feb 04, 1950, age 54yr, s/w Bertie James
Boustead, Walter Roy, d. Aug 04, 1998, age: 69yr, ashes
Boustead, William C, d. Aug 05, 1970, age 87yr
Boustead, Winifred M, d. Jan 13, 1968, age 76yr, s/w William C
Bouwman, Berend, d. Jul 07, 1997, age: 58yr
Bouwman, Merelen Vera, d. Jul 07, 1990, age: 52yr, ashes
Bowling, Laurence Roy, d. Jan 29, 1922, age 20yr
Box, Peter James, b. May 13, 1967, d. Nov 27, 1987
Bradfield, Jean Mary, d. Oct 10, 1980, age: 39yr, Our Dear Mother, Mother in law and Grandmother
Bradford, Windsor George, d. Mar 03, 1978, age: 57yr, My dear Husband and Father
Brady, Douglas James, d. Aug 16, 1999, age: 79yr, ashes
Braithwaite, Wayne Alfred, d. Dec 17, 1997, age: 47yr, ashes
Bramwell, Ellen Dorothy, d. Oct 06, 1979, age: 81yr, s/w John Thomas, My dear wife and our Mother, s/by Margaret Alice Nilsson
Bramwell, John Thomas, d. Mar 13, 1978, age: 80yr, My dear husband, and our father, s/w Ellen Dorothy
Brennan, B. F., d. Apr 27, 1990, age 78yr, QX10052 Private 2/25 Infantry Battalion AIF, Loving Husband, father and grandfather
Brennan, Catherine, b. Apr 28, 1904, d. Feb 28, 1987, w/o Walter, m/o Evelyn
Bridge, Noreen Olga, b. Nov 02, 1914, d. Dec 15, 1987, s/w Robert Lionel
Bridge, Robert Lionel, b. Mar 03, 1912, d. Mar 12, 1993, s/w Noreen Olga
Bridges, Florence Lillian, d. Mar 03, 1972, Mother and Grandmother, s/w William Richard
Bridges, William Richard, d. Aug 04, 1966, age 84yr, My Husband, father and grandfather, s/w Florence Lillian
Brimstone, William 'Billy' Burns, d. Mar 10, 1985, age 57yr
Brinin, James Carlyle Reid, d. Oct 16, 1994, age: 71yr, ashes
Brinin, Patricia, d. Jun 21, 1992, age: 66yr
Britton, Jack, d. Oct 30, 1999, age: 74yr
Brock, William Malacky, d. Jul 18, 1982, age 72yr, Husband and Father
Brodie, James Whyte, b. Mar 01, 1898, d. Sep 13, 1971, s/w Marjorie Hay
Brodie, Marjorie Hay, b. Jun 03, 1906, d. Aug 21, 1996, s/w James Whyte
Brown, Donald Andrew, d. Aug 21, 1991, age: 65yr, ashes
Brown, Elizabeth, d. Jan 22, 1887, age 17yr, d. o JD & I Wilson
Brown, John, d. Jun 30, 1948, s/w Rebecca Jane and the Smiths, Our Grandparents
Brown, Keith Edward William, b. Nov 26, 1927, d. Dec 27, 1998, Devoted Husband, Father and Grandad
Brown, Rebecca Jane, d. Apr 01, 1940, s/w John her husb and the Smiths, Our grandparents
Brown, Robert 'George', b. Feb 14, 1927, d. Jul 30, 1978, Dear father and Poppa
Brown, William Cecil, b. Oct 25, 1911, d. Sep 28, 1990, My dear Husband Bill
Browne, Kelvin Albert, d. Jun 04, 1981, age 58yr, 57769 First Class, NR/0999/41, Royal Australian Navy, h/o June, f/o Margaret, NOrma, Kelvin, Annette, Jeanette and Helen
Brugghe, Simonne Elodia, b. Dec 16, 1922 Belgium, d. Jul 27, 1987 Narangba, Beloved wife of Patrick Crilly
Brumpton,Eileen Honora, b. Jun 13, 1897, d. Nov 27, 1998, Beloved Daughter
Bryant, Edith Francis Mary, d. Feb 22, 1989, age: 68yr, ashes
Bryant, Leonard Kali, d. Oct 13, 1998, age: 92yr, ashes
Buchanan, Agnes Todd Laurie, d. Apr 09, 1970, s/w William A
Buchanan, William A, d. Aug 30, 1950, s/w Agnes Todd
Buckby, Catherine, d. Aug 22, 1925, w/o John, s/w John, Mark and Jessie
Buckby, Edith Alma, d. Sep 23, 1944, age 85yr, our dear mother
Buckby, John, d. Jun 1895, stone broken, h/o Catherine, s/w Catherine, Mark and Jessie
Buckby, Mark, d. Jan 28, 1916, s/w John, Catherine and Jessie
Buckby, Richard William, d. Nov 18, 1937, age 81yr, Our Dear Father
Buckby, Stanley S, d. May 31, 1969, age 61yr
Buckley, David Luke, d. Nov 13, 1980, age 25yr, Dear husband and father, #160729 Imot 49 RWR
Buckley, James Archibald Jeffery, b. 1906, d. 1987, Dear father and grandfather
Buckley, Robert 'Luke', (b. Jan 19, 1919), d. Aug 26, 1968, age 44yr, QX 51334 49th Inf Bn
Buckley, Veronica E 'Vera', b. Sep 24, 1924, d. Dec 21, 1977
Buckley, William W. T., b. Aug 15, 1922, d. Jul 04, 1993, s/w Veronica E
Burchmann, Iris, d. Jun 12, 1998, 83yr, s/w Otto Herman, Beloved Mother and Grandmother, nee Zischke
Burchmann, Otto Herman, d. Jun 01, 1976, 66yr old, s/w Iris, Husband and Father
Burgess, Hanna, d. Aug 01, 1876, s/w Isaac her husband
Burgess, Isaac Hudson, d. Jan 02, 1905, s/w Hannah
Burgess, Theresa, d. Jan 01, 1905, w/o Isaac
Burke, Irene Constance May, d. Jan 06, 2002, age: 83yr, ashes
Burns, Marjorie E, b. Jun 26, 1924, d. Dec 12, 1978, shares Behrens Family stone
Burridge, Marie Evelyn, b. Apr 01, 1928, d. Sep 05, 1989, s/w Thomas Mornington, Darling Mum
Burridge, Thomas Mornington, b. Dec 13, 1918, d. Sep 05, 1989, Dear husband and father, s/w Marie Evelyn
Burton, Edward Thomas, d. Dec 05, 1996, age 77yr, s/w Thelma Muriel
Burton, Thelma Muriel, d. Dec 13, 1967, age 40yr, s/w Edward Thomas
Busiko, Emily Jane, d. Jul 24, 1949, age 83yr, s/w George Ernest
Busiko, Frederick John, d. Jun 15, 1973, age 77yr, our dear brother, s/w Victor Frederick
Busiko, George Ernest Thomas, d. Jun 04, 1937, 28yr, s/w Emily Jane
Busiko, Victor Frederick Charles, d. Sep 06, 1978, age 92yr, our dear brother, s/w Frederick John
Busse, Allan Leslie, d. Apr 20, 1964, age 35yr, Our Son
Busse, Dorothy Margaret, d. Aug 24, 1961, age 63yr, Dear Wife, Mother and Grandmother
Buttner, Albert, d. Aug 30, 1963, age 83yr, Dear Husband
Byers, Eric Roy, d. Nov 24, 1950, age 17yr, Dear son and brother, accident
Byers, Mary Ellen, d. Nov 28, 1976, age 74yr, My dear Wife and Mother, s/w W.J.
Byers, W. J., d. Oct 22, 1981, age 85yr, s/w Mary Ellen, 35 Private 42nd Battalion AIF

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