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Welcome to my site!

Ewanida is a name I created in about 1998 when I started a Rootsweb genealogy mailing list for the Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho area. Primarily this is the area where I have read the most cemeteries. I plan to go outside this area as I am able to in the future.

I have always had so many interests. Then came Genealogy and Cemeteries, with the emphasis on Cemeteries. I first worked at learning how to document a cemetery back in 1998, then on to learning how to format and edit pages, and finally how to create my own very simple website in 2001. I dreamed of all my genealogy being on it, but the cemeteries won out. It started out the smaller width size, but in 2007 I revamped it to be able to fit any screen width. I do not have anything elaborate here.

Most of the cemeteries I have transcribed are up and on this site now. Eventually I hope to add more to my family history, which seems to take the back seat all of the time, since I became editor on Interment.net in 2000, plus I still try to keep reading more cemeteries if I can in the summer.

Since 2013 I have not worked on the Interment.net site. All that I publish here is my own work and I pay for all costs. No income from anyone to do it. I have slowed down walking cemeteries since I had a stroke and then a heart attack, but I still work on them almost every day, updating etc. hoping to improve enough to get back out and walk more cemeteries.

The photos on the right used to show the seasonal changes as I remember to update them. I enjoy all the seasons. We seem to have good weather much of the time no matter what the season. So I am leaving the photos as they are right now.


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